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I'm sure this is the question in everybody's unsuccessful Steemian mind like mine and by that I mean the ones working hard creating post without making a dent in our wallets, so I will truly appreciate any feedback because I feel totally lost!!!
So far, like many of you, I've been posting about familiar things that come natural, events related to past experiences and field of expertise, all done within chunks of available time but is not working! I'm simply getting lost in the middle of thousands of posts uploaded every second, I want to be able to deliver content that people want and need, if I'm already working hard I might as well make it count, I believe in this platform 1000% but as the community grows larger the chances for success are getting smaller unless you know what you're doing, we lost steemians are not going to profit unless we crack the code!
In the past, I've read some great posts with good tips about how to polish your presentation, create good content, etc... but is that the case here?
Many times I've reviewed high quality content posts that barely made few cents, It made no sense! from that I wonder if there could be a better way to help each other in that we all could feel that our work also matters, otherwise what's the point? what are we missing?
Right now I'm reaching out to those amazing bloggers, the ones always trending if you could spare a bit of your mighty knowledge to the vast anonymous majority down here in the dungeons
I believe we can all benefit and make Steemit stronger

Desperate Doram


Entrepreneurship like your experience with it.

Wow!!! Good tip! thank you!

You're welcome. I look forward to reading it. I subscribed to you. Thanks for the upvote. Mine used to be worth a penny but I guess I overvoted. lol