Today I am assisting my first ever Steemit Meetup in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

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Today I will be hosting a small Steemit Meetup with @claudiaz, @stefi11 and @marco42. We will meet at a local coffeeshop to share a drink and talk about our experiences using Steemit. It will be my first time meeting Steemians and I must admit it feels great to do it.

I think that getting to know people through this platform is really cool, and to catch up in real life is even better. Steemit is a social platform after all. So what better that meeting for coffees and chatting about Crypto, Blockchain, Steemit and many other things.

The main idea behind this meeting is to help newish users understand how the platform works, explain them the basics and answer to their questions. I am no Steemit expert at all, far from that, I learn everyday about the platform. But since I have been active daily for the last 8 months, I am sure I will be able to shred some light and help them understand some basic things.

For me it is a pleasure to help fellow Steemians to get going and give them some (curation) tips. Who knows, maybe we come up with some good ideas and a new project could be born. I am always open to partner up and create things with other people so... lets see how things go.

I will keep you guys posted on how things went, I am sure it will be a great experience.

Thank you for reading and for your support!


Great! Meetups are always fun. Sharing stories and getting inspiration from other people's experience. I wish you a nice time there!

Hey! Thank you for your warm wishes :)

I´m sure we will have a blast.

8 months on steemit? Wow! You're definitely going to be an inspiration to those guys. Good post!

We are looking forward to this meeting, see you later!

It was great to meet you guys!

Lets do it again another day 😊

thanks so much, that was a very informative, and very nice to get to know you! thank you for your time, and we'll do it again soon

Was wonderful meeting you @dontstopmenow

It was my pleasure! Lets do another one someday 😊

It was great to meet you, hopefully we can do it again sometime :)

Absolutely! It was so much fun. Lets do it again soon 😊

Wish I could teletransport there ahaha Love Punta del Este, I'll be waiting for some photograpies :) Have so muuuch fun and share experiences to improve !

@dontstopmenow, I also live in Punta del Este so next time you have a meetup let me know! I'm new to steemit and would love to meet other steemit users. @claudiaz has been really helpful showing me some basics.

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