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Steemit Hubs and Meet Ups: An Accelerating Trend

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Meet Up Community.jpg

100% of the rewards from this post will go to fund the Steemit Accelerator Hub in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Liquid rewards will be matched with an SBD donation equivalent to the Steem Power earned. You can see and vote on that announcement here or on other posts from @ejemai for the next two weeks (they’re all fundraisers):


The Steem blockchain was born on the Internet and its major hub,, exists only online. Around the world, people log in at all hours to interact with the blockchain via Steemit, eSteem, Busy, ChainBB, and other sites/apps that are being added. You can do this from the comfort of your own home computer, from an Internet café, or from your phone or mobile device. Through, Discord, and mainstream social media, you can discuss Steem/it with others and build a network of friends and followers who hopefully begin to support your work.

In other words, you can Steem successfully without ever meeting another human being in person. (Did I just use “steem” as a verb? Oh yes.)

Why are physical meetings one of the hottest trends?

Last year’s SteemFest brought together many early members of the community in one place. As Bitcoin and blockchain meetups have been turned into Steem meet-ups, there have been many more in-person meetings in the last year. It has become evident that there is an ongoing role for community meetings where people get to meet and interact in person.

London. Cebu. Lagos. Buenos Aires. Athens. Austin. Malaga. Hong Kong. Berlin. Barquisimeto. Banda. Kuala Lumpur. Wroclaw. New York. Seoul. Auvergne. Cape Town. Panama City. Dublin. Manila. Brisbane. Hamburg. Los Angeles. Johannesburg. Barcelona. Houston. Kansas City. Bangalore. Mangalore. Denver. Munich. Cancun. Oslo. Lhokseumawe. Melbourne. Sarasota. Boston. Seattle. The Ozarks. The Twin Cities. Novosibirsk. Lake Whitney. Kota Kinabalu. These are some of the locations where people have come together to meet and discuss Steem and Steemit.

Some have Steem Saturdays. Others go dancing or cliff jumping into a lake together. We have seen Steemit Hackathons and intensive training sessions. The most adventurous have embarked on road trips, visits abroad, and round the world trips where Steemians connect the dots, meeting others in person who share a common bond in this online community. Having been on Steemit almost since the beginning, I have noticed an increase recently in meet-ups. Some are put together by normal people who love to steem and others are led by superhuman organizers like @firepower @levycore and @bitrocker2020.

KK Bitrocker.jpg
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia Meet Up. Courtesy of @bitrocker2020.

Indonesian Meet Up. Courtesy of @levycore.

Hot Pockets

Coffee shops in a few pockets of the world have seen so many Steemians that they have started accepting SBD or STEEM. Those are great developments, because the goal here is larger than Steemit. We should build the Steem ecosystem (with Steemit as an online hub), which will include a vibrant economy of both online and physical businesses. When a large group of people in one area have earned or acquired STEEM or Steem Dollars (SBD), they can begin pushing merchants for these cryptocurrencies to be accepted, both online and locally.

We have seen strong growth coming from areas where local groups are very active. For example, in a pattern that is typical for a social media site, most people in the United States access Steemit from the densely populated cities on the coasts, which have a lot of urbanized areas, young people, and are relatively affluent and Internet-connected. But look more closely at the U.S. map and you see some extremely impressive growth coming from the middle of the country.

Recent North American growth on Steemit. Source: @gavvet.

A lot of new people have been discovering Steemit in the regions anchored by Springfield, Missouri and Houston, Texas. In fact, those cities are only about 600 miles apart and much of the Internet traffic from the rural areas in between probably goes through one city or the other. If you don’t believe that we have one or more hot spots in the rural areas between and around those two cities, then please have a look at the # gardening and # homesteading communities on Steemit. Both have experienced amazing growth in the last few months, much of the activity coming from that part of the United States.

Recent trending posts in the # homesteading tag show a heavy representation from the Ozark region.

Why has the pocket of growth been so hot in the Springfield-Houston regions? Some of Steemit’s shining stars and best recruiters are based in that area, including @papa-pepper, @stellabelle, @winstonwolfe, @giftedgaia, @jessamyorchard, and others. They have not only reached out to a lot of others online and via podcasts, but also have held in-person meet-ups, road trips, and assorted gatherings.

Meet-ups have been a fixture of the tremendous growth of Steem in the Aceh province of Indonesia. Since I have written about their amazing work before, I will not do so again, but the community builders in that region have done extraordinary work sharing Steemit with their friends and contacts. Much of this work has occurred through in person meetings.

While it’s not my place to conclude which of the above groups’ strategies have worked better than others to introduce new people to Steemit (since I am an outside observer of both), I would guess that the in-person meetings may have had a strong impact.

Even as I've been writing this post over the last 48 hours, the sheer number of meet-up announcements & updates on Steemit has grown. Anecdotally, I would guess that the rate of these lately has been at an all-time high.

What are the advantages of meeting people face-to-face?

Some people are introverted and are more comfortable being part of an online community than an in-person one. They may not feel the need for personal interaction. But the personal approach is quite important for others who want to feel that they belong within a group of like-minded people. Why is it important to meet face-to-face? Here are some possible advantages and I’m sure you can think of others also.

University PH.jpg

Firepower Meet Up.jpg

Sources: @ejemai (top) and @firepower (below).

(1) Seeing is believing. There are lots of crazy claims on the Internet. When you look into the eyes of someone who says in complete honesty: “It worked for me!” that is very powerful.

(2) People are wary of things they don’t understand. Getting started on Steemit, learning about cryptocurrencies, and understanding how things work on here are new ground for a lot of people. In person, an experienced Steemian can explain these things and become a guide through the unknown.

(3) Mentoring is key to retention and success. This is the continuation of # 2 above. Once someone has managed to sign up and knows the basics, they may need help understanding how to create a successful post or how to transfer money in and out of the Steem economy. When people meet in person and build trust with a fellow Steemian, they will be much more likely to ask for and be offered the help they need.

(4) Common interests. It’s not just the money that attracts people to Steemit. You will notice that many of our online communities have begun to form in earnest and are growing steadily. Photography, travel, music, homesteading, Korean, Indonesian...these are a few of the online communities that have been thriving as people come together to post and discuss common interests. Meet-ups also offer a chance to share Steemit with people who have similar interests and may be interested in participating online as well.

(5) Community. Being part of a community is important to many people. When you feel like you belong and have support from others in person, you may be much more likely to embark on the Steem journey online as well.

What are other advantages that I’ve missed? Feel free to reply with others.

Hot spots on a map (generic, not a Steem map). Public Domain.

Hubs: The Permanent (or Regular) Meet Up

What if we could multiply the value of the in-person Steemit Meet Up by having a permanent or regular location where people can come to learn about, ask question, get started, and be mentored on Steemit? How many more people could we reach and how much faster could this thing grow?

@robrigo is an energetic community builder in Detroit. Together with @lovejoy and others who are working on Agoric Systems, he wants to create both a physical and online community presence in Detroit. A hub there could become a permanent (or regular) meet-up spot where people can come to share, learn, synergize, and steem together. How powerful is that?

Many of you saw the live-blogging from Steem Park in Brooklyn, New York as well that @voronoi and @hansikhouse developed and announced through @hitheryon. Is this a billboard-type advertisement or is it the beginning of true community there in the heart of NYC? Community can ignite a spark, a spark and lots of hard work can lead to a hot pocket, and these hot pockets all over the world will bring viral growth to the Steem ecosystem as more and more people share it with others.

That big blue circle is recent Steemit growth in Nigeria. And they are just getting started. Source: @gavvet.

Accelerator Hub in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

That is why I am thrilled to be donating 100% of the proceeds from this post (including a donation to match the earned Steem Power) to help create the Steemit Accelerator Hub in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. @ejemai and his group already have shown that they can introduce and help a lot of new people get started on Steemit, having onboarded more than 30 people and recruited 80 into a Whatsapp group. With the money raised, they will be able to open a center at their university that offers free WiFi and provides Steemit training and help to students. They have a goal of eventually replicating this model across the country and ultimately sharing Steemit with millions of people in Nigeria and across Africa.

Let's help them get their own space and see what they can do! Source: @ejemai.

These plans are very exciting. Please join me in giving them a chance and helping them accomplish their goals!

You can find @ejemai's Steemit Accelerator announcement here. Please vote for it and for his other posts, which are raising funds for this project:

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thank you @donkeypong for taking out time to hear the plans and even going ahead to believe in it and lending this great and immeasurable support, you dotted the I's and crossed the T's for this one. The Nigerian Nation will continually be grateful to you for the interest you have taken in the progress of her youthful population. Thanks and God bless!

We need to make Steemit more popular offline!

Thanks for your initiative :D

Not only this is a great post but what I like the most about this is the effort to move steemit forward. I am wishing you the best of luck with my full upvote to contribute litte bit. I like you initiative as this will make a huge difference in building relationships within steemit platform on personal level. This is nothing but excellent! Steem on!


Hello @donkeypong, I just published a post to give some support to you and other fantastic steemians for the amazing work that you do for steemit community to make it grow. Please check it out if you like: Enjoy your Sunday, Tomas

Thank you so much for all you are doing to support the growth of these communities. A rising tide raises all boats. You are putting so much time, effort, and steem into helping to "raise the tide". Some day when steem is the major force it should be, people will look back and say, "Damn that donkeypong guy did so much to help steem in its infancy."

Then they will say, "What the hell do you think 'donkeypong' even means?"

And noone will know.


well said, I second that!


...or remember (which is fine with me).


Hi @donkeypong I've written an article about you, check it out if you can, thanks.

21 Best Steemians Of The Day To Follow 6th August 2017


"Damn that donkeypong guy did so much to help steem in its infancy."

I already look back and say this :)


Hi Hans, because you love education, i would like to show some spelling bees in this old post. Added in some English and Maths combo to your username.

I also surpassed google by educating it by indicting the story behind the meaning of donkeypong into it. Also an oldpost. You will have fun reading it!


What else is left to say after that? I second @hanshotfirst's comment.


@hanshotfirst now that you mention it, we dont need to wait till then. What does donkeypong even mean? Do you have the idea? Well @surpassinggoogle has lighted on it in a parable-like manner.

Well says the scriptures that "he will speak to them in parables, so that in hearing they will hear and not understand, lest if they understand they become converted"


I'm really curious to see the outcome of this. Still not completely sure why in Nigeria, but it sounds solid enough. Good post btw.

It's so energizing to see this kind trend unfolding. And you're absolutely right, it's an honest sense of community that is so rare to come across on the web. We have such a lively and supportive environment here that took some time to craft... but it's finally sparking some fascinating stuff physically, on the ground, in real-life communities all over the globe. That's the kind of action that I believe will propel Steem into something completely unprecedented.

The Accelerator in Port Harcourt, Nigeria is such an awesome project and I can't wait to see how it resonates!


Exciting times! I'm sure your work has inspired a number of people and we have only begun to see the results so far.


Your post deserved to be upvoted and re steemed...keep up the good work spreading the Good News of steemit @donkeypong . It inspire me to organize a steemit hub also in our key city here which is Olongapo City, Philippines.

this is a really great initiative which encourage content creators to be champions in their own way by showcasing their work , or even sharing their daily lives . Its only because of this strong support which encourages me to do more. Whats a better feeling then being able to help the community around you. Thanks @donkeypong & the entire team of collaborators around the globe to make this happen.


Now that's my kind of island.


We'll go partying on it one day . The Ultimate SteemFest 😁😁


I love the steemit island!


Hope to see this kind of meetings in my hometown or close in the following years.


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I've seen that the largest steemit meetups have even more than 100 people. In Romania in the biggest cities like Bucharest steemians just started to do the same meetups that others do. The community is constantly growing and all this can only make me happy as I see that Steemit does not only has an online space where people are valuing and appreciating the others moments and contents, but this great network and platform created a small passage from the virtual life to the real life, it is connecting people and unite them. This is exactly what the world needs in this moment when so many nations are hurting each other.

Romania Steemit Community


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Steemit Accelerator Hub, it sounds a great project and I wish to hear more about it in the future. We just had our Steemit in-person meetup in Hong Kong yesterday and it felt totally different from online chatting. It's probably one of the best way to build relationship and mutual trust. Great to see that Hong Kong is also mentioned in your article. Support!


Yes, I loved your post. It's exciting to see that there's a good group there in HK. Keep up the great work!


Thanks so much :) I will

Thanks @donkeypong you are amazing, I am @israruddin from steemit indonesia community always want to give good postings like you suggested by post a few weeks ago translated in indonesia by our curator @aiqabrago, maybe this my new journey In this community hopefully I will succeed like those who have enjoyed it.
Best Regard


steemit now is booming.
in our country
a lot of young man join the steemit
they who always play game before, now move to join this comunity
because this comunity can give us earning.
i am new on steemit.

Thank you so much for your valuable post about steemit hub. Earlier I had not so much knowledge that it is so much spread successfully in various places of the world. From your post, I come to know that to introduce new users should be essential, I promise you from today I am very active to this work. I can introduce my colleagues as I work in a secondary school and also my students and also my relatives. I also want to contribute my time and knowledge to develop it's growth. Thanks for the valuable information from which I have much knowledge. Wish you all the best for your great job, Happy Friendship Day to you. Thanks.

Another beautiful initiative you are leading @donkeypong. As soon as I read the first paragraph I hit the upvote botton as a hub for meet ups and support is an absolutely amazing compared to interacting here on Steemit or on any of the discord channels.

It is truly wonderful to see how Steemit is pretty much all over the globe with many people from different walks of life making it a diverse and rich community.

The great thing about this hub for meet ups is that it many people can have these facial interactions that lead to people form these friendships which would've never happened without Steemit.

Also Steemit is the first place where people start to use cryptocurrency and it may be a learning curve for many so this hub will definitely be a great way to tackle that.

The creation of the hub will also show the power of steem. Not the building alone but the story of steemians who have found success and can prove that this concept works,

This is a great project @ejemaj. I'm going to go over and upvote some posts
Good Luck! :)

That's the spirit. Words have to follow actions. Community empowerment is what creates credibility and eases adaptability.

We are still young and it is naturally to stumble in some hurdles left and right. I am usually a cynic and an extreme realist but I believe Steemit will shine through at the end of the day because it simply more efficient.


For being a cynic, you usually have a very good attitude about the future here and are one of the most supportive people on the platform.


One should be blind for not being to see the potential of Steemit.
Keep up the great work man.

Awesome post, I would love to go to a Steemit meetup! Resteemed.

I would like to be especially grateful to the organize superhuman of Indonesia @levycore who always faithfully accompanied and guided us from Steemit Indonesia Community. @levycore never felt bored whenever asked many things related to the world of Steemit.

also I would like to thank for the curator @aiqabrago who is also very friendly.

Working on getting a San Francisco or San Jose or even just a Bay Area/Silicon Valley, CA STEEM-up going soon, would be great to meet a lot of the great people and minds on here. Great post Donkey.

great work for all steemians and keep spirit for making big meetup

Oh wow. Nigeria is killing it :]


It may well be the fastest growing Steem region right now. # 1 or very close to it.

Great post mate...if only im at Kota kinabalu at that time.....maybe next time..


Definitely get in contact with @bitrocker2020 and I'm sure there will be other chances!


I did saw @bitrocker2020 post but i was so busy that day ...hopefully next time...


heya @chris2169 .... i'll tag you for our next event there. hopefully its going to be real soon. Are you based in KK ? Definitely looking forward to see you in the next one


Ok...tq..not KK actually..
From planet earth called Papar....😂

By having a meetup we could gain more friends and would grow our friendship.
Steemit unites us.

noble cause.....nice post. i will try to do the best i can from my side.

looks like my upvote and follow is going to a good cause!

In some, almost everyone in this world is incorporated into a particular community. Will, of the many people who joined into the community, there are still many people who do not understand the meaning of the word community actually. These people are usually people who are not active in the communities they follow. It's amazing to meet fellow lovers of steemit and brainstorm. They are amazing @donkeypong

Aww that's so awesome to see so many meet ups! I have yet to meet a real Steemanian in real life, but I have someone in Santa Rosa thinking of visiting sacramento in the next couple of weeks... I'm hoping we meet up! Steemit is such a great platform for forming friendships!

oh, so steemit has been making wave in Nigeria. i was even thinking am among the earliest bird. Good work dear @donkeypong and team nice to see your post. how can i contact you via steemchat or any channels related


Chat usually works. If you're getting in now, you're here early. Just getting started.


thanks boss. more greese to your elbow.

Philippines Manila and Cebu made it on your list. Great initiative, steem on!

I hope other communities will grow, so this is gives good atmosphere for steemit.

Steemit meet up are an awesome idea for bringing the community together. awesome meeting face to face!

You will soon be seeing SteemPakistan too :)

Great ideas. Thanks for posting it.


Looking forward to it. Please make sure you include @princewahaj.

I think i know a half people of Steemit Indonesia on photo . bravo :)

I'm glad to have met a special person like you who does the work in creating a better community in Steemit. I appreciate your efforts in helping communities grow.

I'm honored. Thank you for doing your best.


Finally social media is more than just a post online. People need to meet face-to-face just like back in the caveman days around the camp fire.

I was greatly helped by the presence of Steemit, social media palingmenjanjikan for this. I have many friends in other parts of the world. indonesia's aceh have friends our @levycore. Thanks @donkeypong

I'm also making few moves in Port Harcourt. Please @donkeypong hook me up, cuz I'm here to be part of this.


Great. Please contact @ejemai on

ANYONE ELSE LIVE NEAR DENVER, COLORADO, USA? It would be cool to meet another steemian in person :)


Agreed! Virginia USA here. I think I'm the only steemian so far :(

But there's opportunity there.

Also... would love to visit Colorado and get high without worrying about jail lol. J/s


You can contact @lpfaust on

@donkeypong words are failing me to appreciate this gesture. thank you for what you do. it is the likes of you, that makes steemit a community for all. thank you very much @donkeypong

Fantastic post... great to see the STEEMIT community growing... glad to be a part of such an exciting vibrant space!

If there's one word that would perfectly fit what the Steemit community is doing, it's "teamwork".

Let's show the world what we can do to make this world a better place. We can do it!!! :-D

Great post. I really like seeing how Steemit community is growing. I just posted about how Facebook can eff off and it's all about Steemit now.

I wonder if there will be any in Bangkok- wouldn't mind going myself and seeing what happens.


Yes, the Thai community has been organizing. Please contact @tookta or @ricko66 using


Thanks I will look them up. Hopefully expats will be allowed to join too hahah

@donkeypong a lot of happy steemians.


My coffee shop (Taufik Geudong) accepted sbd or steem already. This idea came from a steemian friend who forgot to bring his wallet.

He( @makhzar ) recommended me to accept sbd as payment.

Thanks to steemit, now i have more steemian friends who come just to hangout at my coffee shop.

100% of the rewards from this post will go to fund the Steemit Accelerator Hub in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.Liquid rewards will be matched with an SBD donation equivalent to the Steem Power earned.You can see and vote on that announcement here or on other posts from@steemboad for the next two weeks

Interestingly, I do not think there are so many meetings like the steemit community around the world that I am more and more convinced that the steam growth in this year is increasing. This is also important for me because with this meeting, I want someday I am among them.

In steemit is not just a post as a social media. But here more than that, the meaning of steemit is very broad, even can add friends and share knowledge.

What else with the steemit, could create the latest ideas and innovations as @nayya24 said in the comment, that can pay for coffee with sbd. It's incredible and can help steemian's who do not have money cash, just use sbd its only in the wallet of his steemit account.

My respect for all steemit users in the world

Wowww great information.. Very enjoy be member of steemit.. With meet up I will know another and be a big family.. Hopefully next year I can go to meet up with member Lhokseumawe Indonesian..

100% upvote + resteem :)

Hi, could you add me, I am community building in the Azores


lol, love it!

thx for sharing

Steemit is become one family where the people can share each other and finding more knowledge when they can meet different people with different skill. My second planning after charity event that i help a motnh ago. Need suggestion what i should do in the next planning

Great article ! Thank you for sharing

Great post man thanks for sharing steem growth it's a another place I get a comfort of family on steemit.

buen emprendimiento, esperemos todos aporten

steemit very nice growing in mainland Africa. my regards from indonesia @donkeypong

How's life goin @donkeypong? Wanna join the community for finding many friends there. I believe that a good start to build this Family is raising and developing to the world. Very nive action with great planning inside. Increasing knowledge and always moving forward. I hope we can meet soon.

Thank you so much for this Amazing Post:)
I think that steemit will be the first social network in the world because it has the potential to be, it is a new concept different in the world in the social networks, it is time to invest a deep money And time

Thank you for the great post @donkeypong.
We are in #aceh did the same thing that we grow this community up, we have shared and gave the information to the the people around of us that steemit can help us to share all about the useful things which make the people more better.

good job

pls help me earn in this site brother

upvoted dear @donkeypong
good luck with your job

Steemit is opening the doors fro mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies to masses.

I love to see you so dedicated to those kind of initiatives. @ejemai's project is something that could potentially help the most with adoption. and I wouldn't call it an expensive promo.

I am sticking around to see how all this grow, Our love from greece to all of your guys efforts. resteemed and upvoted both.

I also upvoted @ejemai as you want
good luck @donkeypong

Proudly 9ja... #steemitenugu

Love the post - Great content - Great Pictures and the perfect outlook !!

We will always be under the banner of steemit indonesia community, success for @levycore and @aiqabrago

I'm from #lhokseumawe greeting steemit
#Lhokseumawe is the name of a city within the province of #Aceh under the government of #Indonesia
Hopefully #lhokseumawe the name of our city increasingly known through the virtual world in general in steemit in particular
Greeting steemit

great post. Upvoted and follow you now

Totally agree with you @donkeypong that meet-ups & and in general face to face interaction always works better than any other promotion way !
@Greek-Trail team has already managed to get a Steemit accelator hub (I am using ejemai term) it will be ready the second week of September (2017) , more details & photos will come soon with a post ! Stay tuned !! :)

Steemit is absolutely amazing. Best social media ever, because of the great community! It's my daily routine to write here and I love it. Thanks for your post @donkeypong!

Parece que estamos cambiando el mundo o al menos lo intentamos , gracias por el trabajo

You're the best. Thank you for supporting us in Indonesia. Your work is great here.

Hi @donkeypong why you never upvote my post, i always upvote your post, please upvote my post more

In Aceh, the aceh tags, and the Indonesian tags, as well as the languages, are still polemic, perhaps it should be resolved. Hopefully steemit is getting lighter, you are also getting lucky. Thank you very much @donkeypong

Physically meetings is something that I definitely would love to see grow among steemians. Thank you for this post, and for all you do every day!

Amazing and nice post , i like ;)

Thank your support.


Nice work sir. Thanks for supporting Nigerian authors.

we already have coffee shop that accept sbd as payment. its taufik geudong belong to @nayya24 . it really help us in some ways. so we dont need to think about bringing our wallet when we visit the coffee shop. @donkeypong

Nice job @donkeypong. This is very inspiring, seeing people who are active and dedicated to build a strong steemit community. I am a nigerian and would love to be part of meetup. I hope i do get update on the meetup so i can make it. Will really like to see more people get motivated to join steemit and be active.

Looks like we are changing the world or minimum trying to do it

@donkeypong your profile does not say if you are from Nigeria or not, but what you are doing is very commendable for the Nigerian society, and especially for Nigerian youths, who are just looking for something tangible they can hold on to and run with. (Did i mention that Nigeria lacks visionary leadership?) Well your efforts in building a strong steemit presence in Nigeria is giving many nigerians hope and something to dream about, a platform where visions, dreams and goals can be actualised through actual empowerment and not just talk... Steemit backs all the talk with action, people learn, people earn, people grow on steemit.

I am sure of one thing, if you are, or are not a Nigerian (i dont think you are though), i know for a certainty, that should the steemit initiatives you are so well spearheading with fellow Nigerians like @ejemai and many others i have come to interact with on this platform, should these initiatives continue to gain traction and followers in Nigeria, the PRESIDENCY of the Federal Government of Nigeria, will surely confer honours on you, such as the "Order of the Niger" honour or such like honours.
To be honoured in such manner carries a lot of weight here in Nigeria, and is never taken or regarded lightly.

What i am basically saying is that the efforts of such steemit "leviathans" such as yourself and so many others who are working like you to empower people all over the world deserves all the commendations that can be given

This is really impressive and selfless of you @donkeypong. Nigerian youths are not used to getting help but I guess you just changed that on Steemit. #Project20millionNaija

Wonderful post.

wow it's a great community service. Steemit is wonderful platform proud to be a member of steemit community. all the best .
have a great day!

I look forward to your help

Awesome post, I would love to go to a Steemit meetup! Resteemed.

woo amazing


I wanna see some steemit meet ups in Romania too !

Believe me @donkeypong, this idea will chart a new course of revolution in the Nigerian Steemit Community. And for blazing this trail, we're grateful to you. Let the light shine on.

I am a very new user of Steem and am just now beginning to understand what the scope of this project is all about. Two elements resonated with me immediately. A great opportunity to build a solid foundation for community right in our own villages, towns and cities world wide. This leads me to believe there is a need for authentic connections and brotherhood. The stone to rest upon is the fact that this is a wonderful opportunity to begin the process of spreading wealth to everyone, everywhere. With a huge sigh of relief, I see a true humanitarian movement that will benefit us all. Hugs and love to each of you here on Steem. :)

This is really awesome! The physical growth is a huge contributor can't wait to see more of it @donkeypong


Thanks. There's a lot of physical growth going on right now. I'm really excited!

Living steemit community of the world

That great work .. excellent everything that has to do with the social & human part. Top with #steemit

Take you vote freen

followed you. kindly have a look on my post & spread it as much you can. i really need support. your one click can change my life.