How To Earn 25% Interest Every Year Passively with Steemit and DolphinBot - Step by Step Instructions

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*Please note you will not earn exactly 25% , the amount can fluctuate and be a little less or a lot more depending on the price of Steem and a few other factors. Get paid daily with DolphinBot! You may cancel at any time and YOU always have 100% control of your Steem.
Questions?! Contact us: [email protected]

UPDATE: Not all Steem Accounts have a Delegate Button
so follow these easy instructions to delegate.

  1. Go to:
  2. Wait for it to load then click on Balances (left side)
  3. On the right side click on Delegate
  4. To Account put: dolphinbot
  5. Amount (SP) put how much you want to Delegate and click OK


thanks for an update on this . will have to seriously consider doing some delegation.

How Tae you .......

Thank you for the information. I subscribed to your channel on Youtube. I also want to participat!

Thanks for your support @irinal , the video should explain everything but let us know if there's anything you need.


How are you.......@irinal follow me

Thank you for the information. I'll try to do it.

Thank you @eduards , let us know if you need any help or have any questions.


Apologies if I missed this but are there additional details on how the 25% ROI is calculated? I understand it's calculated off what you delegate with the assumption that dolphinbot will continue to generate high demand/bids but is there an established floor too in terms of returns? thanks!

hi @bigtx31 check out the video @ 9:20 for the calculations part. The 25% number is assuming that people will continue to use the bot and also that you paid around $2 or less for your Steem and that the price will average around $2 or greater.. Cheers!

thanks for information...
keep on you...

its better than any stocks

Awesome tool, Thanks a lot for the information about the bot!!!!!
Great work.

This is a great idea, thanks for the heads up! Upvoted!

25% is a lot!!!

wow interesting information for me who is beginner, now i follow you, and will participate with you, please guidance its because i am beginner in steemit, thanks friend

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