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RE: Steemit Is A Scam! How Bernie Sanders Screwed Me!

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You didn't notice the whole post was sarcasm?


You could use a better title. Steemit is a Scam! is probably not a good phrase to be shown on the front page of a 7 week old groundbreaking project. Everyone does NOT read the full body of a post, nor do all of them understand sarcasm.

People don't dump their STEEM load from titles dude...just saying.

Perhaps you should have tagged it 'satire'. You can't shout FIRE in a theater and just say, sorry, that was sarcastic. Nor should you go to dinner and say to your host, this whole meal is shit! I've been poisoned! It was your wife, Amelia! ackk ackk. And then be like, hey, I was just being sarcastic, there was just a bone in my filet. Anyway, you're a bright fellow, you should be able to communicate your points without resorting to such heavy handed tactics, one would think. People are understandably sensitive about protecting this fledgling network from slurs of various sorts.

I thought I could tell there was some sarcasm in there, but what I really heard was that you still don't get it. Quality content is not writing about how much money you make. This post is not quality content either because it is just you, learning to use the platform. On the other hand, all of the dollars you are waving around will attract some users, some of those are probably users with good content. I also support the Whales ability to upvote you at first. They want to encourage you, which makes perfect sense. You are encouraged with dollars. However, they can also discourage. IMO, you need to start writing content instead of bragging about how much money you make or how much you didnt make. Let's get on with the show folks!

BTW, one more post like this and I will Mute you in my feeds.

Are you kidding? Or have you been living under a rock for the last few days? Did you watch his interview of Dan and Ned? Did you watch the national radio show during which he spent 2 hours discussing steem and doing quite an admirable job answering questions and explaining steem despite only starting to take a look at it a couple of days prior?

And how many users do you imagine he is attracting to the platform? How much do you think his followers appreciate the informative posts he has made so far?

In just a matter of days, this guy has ALREADY done orders of magnitude more for steem than you could possibly do if you never slept another wink and spent every remaining moment of your life devoted to the advancement of steem. Yet you bash him and call him a braggard for sharing his experience with steem?

Are you really so insecure? Why don't you try checking your inferiority complex at the door?

you have definitely got a point there - with all his followers, he can be a huge advantage for steemit.
I'm also currently in the process of promoting steemit to my 50k followers, to try to get them here and make an account.
Dollarvigilante has gotten an incredible amount of attention, I've never seen so many upvotes on consecutive posts on steemit, and I'm sure he could do lots of good things for steemit's future!

We should focus on growing together, instead of fighting and putting each other down. Especially the ones who want to do good! I mean, you could always warn someone before flagging them. Sometimes that can be a bit harsh. We don't want to kill his motivation, right

I did not see the interview. But I am sure that Dan and Ned appreciate the title of this post. Especially the part about Steemit being a scam. See how sarcasm doesn't hide my true feelings?

I have nothing LOL. You guys are too much. LOL.

Putting aside for a second that the flagging is not there to measure quality (that's what votes are for) - it was a JOKE. If you can't recognise it when it is staring you in the face then I don't know what to suggest.

You cannot hide behind sarcasm just to save face now. If I don't buy it, who cares? Just imagine what berniesanders thinks when he sees this title. This topic of Steemit being a scam is not cool, hence the flag.

OK, I had to laugh at this. LOL

Not trying to be anal, but this report needs to add a "not sure" option to the tears question.

You are right! I will start a petition immediately with the White House to have the Federal Department of Butthurt get on this post haste.

@dollarvigilante some people simply have not the ability to understand sarcasm. Its not that they dont want, its just they are technically not able to. Therefore we all should better mark such texts as sarcasm, so that also people with this inability have a chance to understand what is going on.
Otherwise, well done post! Yea we truly need a discussing when to flag and what to flag. I also think just downvoting because you think the person gets too much should not be the same as flagging. Its questionable if we ever should downvote somebody just we think that the person gets too much.
I think mainly this has to do with using an exponential payout algorithm. If you simply could distribute your own money, then nobody would question why you spent your money for this person. Spending his own money would be similar like using an linear payout algorithm.

In the following post i summarized why it could be good to use a more linear payout algorithm.
I hope this can enrich the discussion about ¨down¨ voting:

Sarcasm relies on tone of voice, and tone of voice does not attach itself to text.

EDIT: And without making it past the title and first 2 or 3 lines, it looked like a rant. I shoulda hung in there and read the rest of it.
Paid the price.
Now tending to all these pitchfork wounds.

Now, impoverished by communism, I am wondering where my next 7 course meal will come from!

A line like that should allow you to work it out. Practically every line is cartoonishly absurd.

I'm with you Jeff, have faith in, not so much in the users here. The majority seem to be like reddit users, they are often not the most complete thinkers. Its why reddit is so full of nonsense.
Too much idiocy to weed through to get to anything of value.
Like I said on FTL, spread the love man!!
Its a community after all. And when people see that dollarvigilante had upvoted them, your reputation will rise. You'll find fewer detractors. :^)

Let me put it this way: If your post was meant to incite interaction: mission accomplished. ;-)

I didn't read the whole thing. Your title made me grumble and I read about the first paragraph.
My bad? Whatever.

So didn't get a new yacht?

Oh try not to be so hard on them if you can. I'm OUT. This was funny.

waw. Or maybe you lost your sense of humour?

ALso, how broken is the flagging system? I flagged ur comment for being just plain wrong and it vanishes it from the feed? Broken.

I unflagged it cuz even wrong opinions should be visible for others to laugh at.


I hope they are working on a fix to that too. The recent update yesterday fixed a similar issue but with entire posts being greyed out in category feeds due to a single flag.

The "Steemit is a scam" part should have tipped you off.

That's a very limited, and ultimately false, interpretation of how sarcasm works.

Doesn't Poe's law belong somewhere in this discussion?

dude, seriously?
did you read it throughout, or simply JUDGE.

@winstonwolfe <gaffaw!> I call bs! Just admit you jumped to a wrong conclusion - it's the only way to stop digging the hole deeper. :D

I'm pretty sure I did admit that.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!.....the fun we have here :D

Even the part about being a narcissistic capitalist?

I'll classify myself as a victim of a clickbaity title.

No that was my question to the dollar vigilante fellow -- he said the whole post was sarcasm, which I guess means he thinks he's NOT a narcissistic capitalist.

Ah, Winston, you disappoint me, my man. Always good to read the whole thing, sometimes over and over again before commenting and correcting someone. Best you can do is own it and say "Yeah, I criticized too quickly and apologize." Having followed Jeff for a bit, this post doesn't surprise me at all. It's some funny creative writing indeed.

Absolutely my fault. I'm at work, didn't have much more than a few seconds to read into his post, and I jumped the gun. I kind of wish everybody would stop replying so that I had to continue replying back. This is turning into me looking like I'm fishing for votes. Totally not the case. In the meantime, I'll be sure to not reply until I know I have enough time to really soak in what I'm looking at. I know his post from yesterday left a somewhat sour taste in people's mouths, and I think I based my comment off of that.

No, I don't see myself as being a narcissist (although no narcissist thinks they are). If you click the hyperlink you'll see someone claimed I was. I was making fun of that.

@daollarvigilante Not exactly what I meant when I said highlight some folks you think are doing good work, but well played.

FYI the reason you made less, had less to do with your downvote from @berniesanders and more to do with the fact that there is a fixed liquidity pool with only so much to go around each day. The act of any up or down vote is just someone saying they think you are entitled to a greater or lesser share of the pool that day for that post.

Your screen shot shows you already had a trending post that day. So basically you damaged your earnings on that post, more than anyone else, because you had multiple posts up at the same time. :)

Yes many people think you are a narcissist, myself included. Most of us don't care, several including myself view that as an asset. The whales supporting you right now are doing so for the PT Barnum effect. You are bringing people in the door and raising the profile of the site. Some folks have taken to calling you P.T. Berwick (you're welcome). All that matters at this stage of the game is metcalf's law.

Users especially whales are concerned with the value of steem in the 2 year range because that's when they will be cashing out and they will need people to sell to. More subscribers means less steem to go around and more people jockeying for the power that being a whale provides. Hence upward pressure on the price.

Fair price for steem right now is around $6.70 if you're selling it for less you need your head examined. Imagine what happens when we get to 1 million steemians.

Keep showing personal growth like this (by highlighting content you think is worth looking at) and you may win new followers.

And if you look carefully you'll see what I was making fun of.

Evidently not!

I am really enjoying this First Stemmit Civil war. Yall can find toolbox of solutions in #bitnation .

Oh the entire thing was? LOL nicely played.

Initially I thought you were actually kind of serious (though bringing up some interesting things for the community to sort through).

Holy shit, you made 20 bucks on a comment and my post on Market Cycles made a measly 4 cents! I hate you Jeff Berwick! It's your fault!

Hey @dollarvigilante you should take part and let your followers know about the Steemit thunderclap about to happen, it's already surpassed it's goal but the more the merrier