Facebook : The ultimate data miner.

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We all used facebook free of cost. At least we didnt have to pay a penny to get in . Same goes for any email service. But if everything is free at facebook or email, how do the companies make money?

Facebook collects data from us while we register into the site. Then it tracks us on every press we make on and off facebook. Facebook application can read your photos, videos and device location even if you dont post them on facebook.
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Why does it track us? : To make MONEY. Let me make it more clear. If facebook has the data of your frequently visited places it knows your food habit. Then it can sale your interest to its potential advertisers. As facebook knows the interest with the help of AI, no other advertisement platform would be able to sale this to advertisers. By giving our data to facebook, we are making facebook the mighty advertisement platform. Thats how it makes money, ton of money.

At the same time facebook knows how the technology is evolving around and the social interaction trends better than anybody. In some cases facebook knows about our hobby or favourite colours more than we are aware of ourselves.

Ohh wait why are we using facebook then ?

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There are some important developments within facebook that drew us here. It gave us a place to connect our friends and family. Then we could see them, show them(sometimes show off) and interact with them. Then it provided instant messaging service. As it continued to build upon our interest, facebook has evolved how the user wanted. Hence it has become users platform of choice( and the biggest data pool ever).

So should we just leave facebook?

Absolutely not. Not at least till an alternate solution is found. But it is paramount to know about what is facebook doing with our data and how its handling our interest. I call it " informed user". Be an informed and conscious user. As long as you know what you are doing, i think its fine.

My point is , i see many people dont even know why do they do what they do in facebook. Many a times, we post private information which if we knew bit more wouldnt do .

What do you think of Facebook??


There is no harm to use Facebook and connect with friends and near ones. With the help of Facebook, I found some of my old and school friends that I might not be able to find in rest of my life. But the point is risk management! As mentioned in your above valuable post- we are giving our all informations to Facebook which we do not know even. This is very alarming. Rightly said, we need better alternatives which is decentralized and my information can’t be leaked . The way Steemit is moving so fast, it may not be optimistic to think steemit as an alternative/competitor of Facebook within next 5 years. Thanks for sharing a nice post.

Its important to have connection with our friends and familly. Facebook allows us the way no other platform is even close to it. I agree decentralised platform is an alternative but the quality, user experience and sustainability must be attained to compete facebook. Till then facebook is the alternate to facebook. But users always can choose to be safe than sorry.

I often used facebook. But I forget it. Now twice or three in a week and maximum 10 minutes. There are so many disturbing elements, violence, vulgar and fake item in the facebook. Facebook just a time killing things but nothing. Thanks for a informative post.

you are rare example among us. Facebook is really taking tax on us.

Its my observation!

right way to think of the comparison. I also think the same way

@doctalk I already listened your dsound audio. In my opinion, Facebook is necessary to general people. Because it is easier to interact with relatives and friends. And I totally agree with you. There is some security issue. Which should be corrected on behalf of Facebook. Because there are some people who want to be careful to keep their information secret. But the Facebook's business policy are not caring at all of them. And as a result, many people are leaving the platform or being discouraged. I think that these policies should be changed soon.

facebook wont change their policy of making money alone. Not giving attention to those content builders is not a great thing. they will soon have to realise

Mining data from Facebook has been quite popular and useful in a few past years. The crawled or scraped data will be valuable and constructive for commercial, scientific, and many other fields of prediction and analysis, especially when these data is processed deeply, like data purge, machine learning.

there is no issue in doing that. But facebook does it without explicitly informing the users. But they explicitly tell to their customers (advertisers). Double standard.

i m regular facebook user, actually o used facebook for community buildup, idea sharing & entertainment.
facebook used for many cause as good work community, now steemit is also growing fast as better or update usefulness media community.

If anybody can use facebook for community and authority building its great. U have done the right thing .

I helped you with @resteemable.

Thank you very much

The nice writing about facebook ! the congratulations !

im trying more and more every day to stay away from facebook. steemit is fantastic for doing exactly that.

Thats a right move i think

I am an active user of facebook ,. I think this facebook has many benefits, such as for advertisers they can use fb ads to pamper ads and earn income,
Target as you say the person who gives information to Facebook, what food, kesukaaanya, where his favorite place,
With that data they become an advertiser target ..

There is nothing wrong at what they do if they disclose and inform people before they do such.

To me Facebook is not something that I will have to use. The frustrating true is we the Bangladeshi are not enough conscious about our privacy. 😣

we need more young people to show the right way.

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