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I've been through a series of curation changes in the past and at least for @dtube have always supported the curation team and continue to do so. Ultimately the platforms are going to shift and change as they meet new needs to continue to bolster the platform. In this video, I delve into the push towards "voting equality" and equally distributed rewards in any system is beneficial for any platform. I think in a world of "equality" we miss out the fine details that separate top performers from lower performers. Any industry strives when top performers are rewarded because they are put there as an example of the type of behaviour/quality/work ethic that is required to be a "top performer." To take away top performers altogether will ultimately have a detrimental effect on any industry, let alone platform because people will always take the easy way out. These are my thoughts on this. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Ayn Rand nailed it in "Atlas Shrugged." You're 100% right about the fact that equal or 'fair' voting across the board is in and of itself 'unfair'. When you know that working hard pays off, then there is incentive to up your game. Notice I didn't say when it will pay off. It may take day, weeks or more. It may happen gradually, or perhaps there will be a boom at some point, but we just have to believe in ourselves and have faith in what we are creating!

Like attracts like and if I'm sitting here worrying about not getting upvoted, then what am I attracting?

More worry.

If I am grateful for my opportunities then I am creating more opportunities to experience gratitude!

It's all about perception and the idea of 'Instant Gratification' is a dangerous one. It's like an infection that spreads and grows because if you're depending on that next hit, that next upvote, then you're getting yourself up for disappointment and if you focus on that, you're bringing more disappointment into your life.

Perception is powerful. My glass may not be half full yet, but I'm grateful there's a glass at all and I'm looking forward to experiencing more opportunities for gratitude. 😉


Yeah. You need to make a video about exactly this comment. Lol 😂

It’s perfect. Beautifully said. Inside and out. Crowbar all the way!


I was want to do a post on perspective, but it wasn't meaty enough for a full post. This is so timely! See what I mean?? 😁


One more reason to love ya @crowbarmama! Atlas Shrugged is one of my absolute favorite books. I line up with the values in that book so well.

@dnews is right - this would make an awesome post!! Mention Ayn Rand and I’m pretty sure half of Steemit will go crazy. Haha I know I would!


Maybe we should do a collab video talking about Ayn Rand and how those principles play out on the platform?

You know im always full of crazy ideas! Haha 😜 Could be fun though!


Yes!! Let's make it happen!

Government 101, haha. Competition is required for moving forward and progressing in quality. "Everybody win, or, Everybody gets a trophy" is ruining competition mindsets of our youth, this message is required, great work!


Amen to that brother. I think the whole "you're special" movement has made everyone feel like they deserve everything they want without actually working for it. And it's infiltrated the blockchain to some extend.

I agree every one can't have the same value because everyone is putting different effort in


I agree it's about effort and output.'s 99 degrees here so seeing you in that jacket makes me sweat just watching it, hahaha.

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