This Week's DLive Stars Brought to You by DLive!

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Here at DLive we are constantly striving to provide a platform that incites people to want to stream with us and also have entertaining streams that people want to tune into. We wanted to show our appreciation to those who have joined our community by sparking the DLiveStar campaign. The DLiveStar campaign is one that allows us to give back to the community as a way of saying thanks for your dedication and hard work.

We sought out streamers who not only reached the bar of our expectations but went above and beyond. In seeking out streamers, we were able see the amazing dedication and passion shown by our community. We would like to thank you, our community, for providing our viewers with content of diversified nature. You all make Dlive such a vibrant and exciting place to be!

Our DLiveStars for this week will receive a 50% upvote from @dlive, please go check them out below!








2018-01-10 (1).jpg











Stay tuned for future campaigns from DLive!



Guys, you are one of major growth points for the whole steemit community!
Keep you work, we are much appreciating your work!

Thanks to @ned for supporting this venture!

DLive is another great addition to the Steem platform. Things continue to trend upward for Steem!


So Dtube and DLive aren‘t competitors, right?☺️
I wasn’t sure about that.

very nice this is news ideas news platform news dream ^^

Looks nice :D I needed heard about this :D

Wow seams fr legit. Keep innovating and sum gonna pop eventually. I’ll be on the look out, live streams are the best videos out here. -W

Dlive will be the next YouTube!

Wow,these guys are so lucky! Congrats!

its just amazing

I like dlive its always provide good platform for news ideas n creativity

Congratulations to all the dlive stars and Dear @dlive what's the criteria to become a dlive star ? any inputs would be greatly appreciated.

That's a good question I'm trying to figure out as well.

  1. tag #dlivestar when you broadcast 2. broadcast for min 30 minutes 3. get the most interaction [comments] as well as upvotes 4. have a good stream and be fun and interesting and interactive with your chat
    that's it! i didn't quite place this week [sadd] but i placed last week so I'm not the worst or anything XD

Thanks for the info. will try to do one.

Dtube, Dsound, Dlive. I'm really loving the D at the moment.

Wow, awesome!

same here, we will soon build a community that will back us up.

Wow! How i wish to be a DLiveStar someday. Not just for the money or the fame, but to inspire upcoming @dlive members to stream constantly and consistently. :)

Such an awesome platform, and you @DLiveStars are such an inspiration to us all! Keep it up! God bless us all! :)

How soon until I can live stream in 360 degree video ?
(i can only do it on YouTube and HugVR currently)

I'd like my VirtualReality viewers to be able to immerse themselves INTO my 360vr video content.

dtube and dlive need 360 video functionality asap

Love some of these people :)

This is Awesome! Once again, Thank you @Dlive for making this all possible!! Its a true #honor and cant wait to represent the platform more!

Looks nice :D I needed heard about this :D

Very interesting!

amazing work promoting dlive!

sharif331 then lets follow each other....good luck

Great idea, attracting more streamers will def boost the usability!

I love dlive, it always provide good platform and new ideas.
Best of Luck.
Thanks for Sharing

Very good work... Love it.....

What is DLive ?

DLive is a livestreaming platform that uses the Steemit blockchain.

absolutely true

yes i agree with you

I am new here, I read your post and it seems to me very interesting this platform Dlive! I would like to have more information on this platform, and I would have the honor to be one of its members.

awesome. ... i hope i can try this soon

Verry nice your the account
I like
But you can try play Game produk by T4Fun "invasion modern infirece
So can get cool 😎😎💪👍

thanks for you have interesting article shared with us.

nice .i like it,

Amazing platform, Dlive! I am for sure going to use this sometime when I have something interesting to share!
Great to see how this platform is evolving in such a rapid rate. I´ll probably share some skateboard/ longboard stuff :)

Wow... I love this... Keep it up @dlive 😍

I agree with you

This is a great initiative from you guys. I think this is part of the most needed improvements to DLive. Giving the passionate and dedicated streamers more exposure will help make the homepage more apealing to new visitors.

One of the concerns I had was the homepage not necessarily promoting the best content. I'm glad to see this is something you are looking to improve on, as it is the most important thing for visitors.

I also want to give a big thank you to the @dlive team for all the hard work they put into making this platform better for both viewers and streamers.


Dlive is another best part of steemit,I would like to see a lot of good posts in the dlive. It feels great. We always want to stay with it and stay in the @dlive.actually steemit is a great community in new world.

i want to use dlive but i have lag. 25 mbit upload... 4k playing with downscaling to 1080p. any advice for me? somewhere a tutorial?

and my channel sometimes says no broadcast and sometimes you can see them

I would stream at 720p for now between 1500-2000 kbps

i did. 720p 30 fps and 2000 bits. 3000 is good too

nice really. i just wait to see good post from dlive. And always enjoy post in dlive. keep it up guys

Awesome @dlive,I like it always provide good platform and new ideas
Succes @dlive

Is Dtube connected with Dlive? That would open a wider audience. Still trying to get my XBOX to stream. Looking forward to future updates .

Dlive + Dtube + Dsound is gonna be the bomb, just anticipate that @reginablanco

I have my idea book thinking of doing a series with actors from steem community. DLIVE is awesome I see so much potential . ( buys more steem )

No. DLive is not affiliated with DTube.

I need help how can i dowlond this app game 😦😥

Help follow me adn vote 🙏😎

Thanks you @dlive

Brother how can i get this game

Can me play in my phone our with my computer ?

How to brother
I see get 😎 this game
Need help

Thanks you @dlive

Wow.... Good work. Keep it up.

Hey there... first and foremost many thanks for creating a platform of this nature where people can stream and enjoy great contents. A quick question here though : is the dlive similar to youtube we all know in terms of operation and what's the real difference between the two (youtube and dlive)?

good post. i like your post

This list is well pretty awesome; although this is the first time i hears about you but to all ways after seeing and taking a bit research about this post incan see there is a very huge sign of success and you guys have the great graphics.

I think DLive is very promising in this streaming market with their campaigns. I already joined your Discord and I hope folks will come in soon. Looking forward to get more valuable content from DLive.

Love @uhatgaming, he took time to view MY stream and ask me how I was going. He even commented on how he like my stream. Great guy, what a gun!

I just imagine how DLive can help the Philippines and other developing country in upgrading the technology and other services. Technology is already available, we just need to appreciate it... Keep evolving DLive... You are awesome!

This is cool mean )) This is Awesome! Once again, Thank you @Dlive for making this all possible!! Its a true #honor and cant wait to represent the platform more!

Can any one tell me , what is meant by pending payouts?? and when this payment i got?? and why it is pending?

you get paid out 7 days after you post.

Great work. I love it. Keep it up

Very interesting, thank you for the post

Wow great news. To be honest i was looking for such nice articles so that i can be updated all the time.. I love this guys

Hi, friend
yok we vote each other, and mutual vllower. ???

So Dlive is going to be lunch soon right? Am waiting for it to be lunch

I made a video meme with the new Bitcoin Private Fork and a clip with the movie they live check it out its on my page and Dtube!

Untitled design (3).png

Good posting brother.. 👍👍👍👍

Thanks you for information

Thank you for the post. I am going to check out Dlive and start uploading gameplay to it soon!

I love these campaigns, gives people something to strife for for sure :)

how about if i want to start this game
I see this game is very exciting

Folbck brother 😎👍

HEY, here are some funny posts and some wallpapers and cryptocurrency news, follow me ! Support each others !

I like the writing of your article is very interesting people to comment on your article ,,,
I want tips and tricks from you ,, please help

I like your words that are highly motivated ,, I want to ask for tips and tricks
from you how to write interesting ,, please help.

D-live i sincerely wish you all the best here on steemit, and look to you as a mentor.

Dope. I wish I could stream like those guys and gals!

Thank's your information!

Gaming has become such an amazing platform for people to make a livelihood from, gamers around the world have become very dedicated to streamers and have such a strong sense of community, it is surprising, every time. DLive is an alternative we must consider to further support Steemit's ecosystem and be able to see what lies ahead!

Very very nice bro.follow me

Good luck bro

Can't wait for VR to get more accessible. It will change everything

Great list of DLive stars!

i have heard about this its awesomee.. <3

that's awasome @dlive
thankyou so much for sharing this.

nice to know your blog,
iam a biginer steemian from Indonesia.

hope you will visit my blog, help me and coach me in improving my @steemitilmu account.

see you at

Dlive contribution to the community will surely be rewarded.

Nice write.. i like it

i'm really interested in this. i've got a good following and i've already built the @teamvideo steemit 4hr course, i was thinking of doing a daily, weekly show all around steemit and curation, building out of my projects, showing the client work, kinda like an IRL channel with some gaming in the evening, if i knew that @dlive would support that i would start! -- i'm gonna do some stream tests this week! :)

This sounds like a great idea, you should definitely give it a shot and see how the community likes it. It never hurts to try ^.^

yeah your totally right. will do! :)

Wowwwww looks great

This is awesome... I hope to be one of d above dlive stars some day 😀😀

Love Dlive.
Thank you for sharing ..

@dlive Is there any tutorial that explains indepthly how to livestream with Dlive because have been having difficulty with the platform.

Hi @ d-live I like all your posts, and I will always follow every post @ d-live. May I be part of @ d-live.
By, @syaira

Well, you will smother us without all the brushes. All of us are going to ride a gutal on our video apps and games

Good job, the post is genial

That looks like a pretty sweet game. Might have to get after it

amazing i love @dlive post... you are the best

Very easy use

Thanks for this information, I'm really interested ind live and recommendations like this are super helpful. When you mentioned live streamers that met your expectations, what exactly are those expectations or set of criteria you used to categorise streamers?

Yea dlive seems like a really great platform

YT and FB are history!

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