Introducing dlike - Steem App for Webmasters and Social Geeks to Share and Get Rewarded

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 Dear STEEM community, 

 I am really excited to introduce dlike App

What is dlike?

dlike is an application entirely build for people to enjoy the additional source of monetization on the most prominent and first ever decentralized blockchain based social media, steem. 

dlike offers all webmasters and social media geeks an opportunity to share on steem with an ease to monetize their content and time. 

How to use dlike?

dlike is simple to use app for steem which is based on crawling of urls that you want to share. You simply put the url, dlike grabs data from that url (image, title and description) and you are ready to submit. It's done! You can add tags and edit any of the details before submitting.

You can share these urls from any website or from any top social media sites like twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

You can also upload cool images and can share them to community. At present, video uploading is not supported.

How dlike works?

dlike has been built on a unique ranking system based on ABV( Account Based Voting ) which is inspired from another popular steem app @steemhunt. This ranking system is named as dworth and dlike has tried to make the ranking system even better by introducing the popularity of steem user (Number of followers).

Under this ranking system top ranked sharing on dlike will be rewarded on daily basis. 

dlike will be rewarding all users who will be sharing new posts, writing new comments, upvoting and resharing cool content. For this dlike will be following the most lovable dtube.rewards idea by @dtube.

dlike idea and design

The design of dlike is based on popular social media platform, Pinterest, where people share cool things and gain popularity. Still there was no such app on steem to share things by webmasters and social geeks, so I have come up with this idea and design and I hope your suggestions can make things even better.

Upcoming developments and IPFS

dlike web based version is ready and I am working on mobile apps (ios and android) and browser extension so webmasters can easily share their content with just one click. A social share button for webmasters is also under development along with wordpress plugin to ensure more ease of use.

To make our app truly decentralized, dlike image sharing will soon be available on IPFS and its code will  be made open source. To ensure all this timely and properly, dlike will be getting 15% as beneficiary from all posts shared thorough the app. Out of this 15 percent, 5% will go directly to dlike.rewards and will be shared among all contributors on dlike. 9% will go to dlike to cover costs and ensure future development and 1% will be managed as to ensure future stability of the app.

Sponsors and Developers

I am not a developer myself, just an ordinary idea guy, so I am looking for team of dedicated people to ensure the success of this app. If you are developer, coder, designer, promoter or moderator and want to be a part, I will be more than happy to welcome you as a team member. 

dlike is also looking for sponsors, who can delegate SP to dlike as we already have dlike.rewards and will be offering return on investment to all delegators. 

Team and Credits

I must mention an awesome guy faisal (developer) who helped a lot to convert this idea into reality. Another genius who helped me a lot to understand the working of API is @cadawg and the most helping person for me on steem @hightouch who always helped me when I needed.

dlike website :

dlike discord:


So the idea is that this app will allow people to enter a URL, the blockchain gets the privilege of getting clogged with links to direct people AWAY from Steemit / Busy / Whatever, and you'll take 15%? How does this help the platform in any way?


dlike is giving soo much error that I think I am fed up with it and actually it is too difficult to operate it than steemit and the post gets automatically posted to steemit.

Looks an interesting project, I will try it at sometime! Please update the discord invite link as the previous one has expired! Also set it to never expire.

Wow, new website for earning. I visited it's awesome & I will try it.

Yes I agree with you..

very good project.:)

Any guide how to take advantage from steem?

Very interesting project I will definitely try this.

yes... I think Dlike will upgraded day by day...and might be a good platform gradually ..

Back at it again asking for followers;)

vote by vote

Nice Concept.
please like, comment and follow me . all we will do as same and earning together :)

Great idea!

Very interesting will be watching this, I am looking forward to seeing future development here. You guys have my support @dlike, great work.

@thejohalfiles can make some bussines togheter? talk here?

Hello my dear @@@thejohalfiles this another art work and gift but this time i toke my abilities to a higher and professional level just to make you satisfied at 100%. You satisfaction means a lot to me so hope like it.

I agree @thejohalfiles this looks very interesting and i'm looking forward to seeing it all come together :)

A good idea but is there any extra reward using this platform?

sounds interesting, might a a good project for us

So the reward pool is paid out among users how again?

I tend to agree that this is a low effort way of posting to the Steemit platform. I hope that this doesn’t inspire increased spamming however I doubt that this is the type of project that will receive delegation from Steemit Inc. I could be wrong though.

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a cute cat

Hmm interesting. Will visit it now

seems a promising project. But you need to make sure the momentum

Seems a promising
Project. But you need to make
Sure the momentum

                 - shahadatsagor

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Can you create categories/albums to organise your pins?

ah wait, so users share content from other sites onto Steem? And Dlike creates a new post with the metadata it scraps from the other sites?

I initially thought it was just about pinning existing Steem content on to a nice UI.

hmmm, looks like the app is just trying to making copy/paste acceptable.

So this:

Becomes this in the blockchain:

Don't we have enough stuffs like that already?

You’re pretty much spot on.

This is a recipe for disaster, we are already doing our best to eliminate content like this, steemcleaners will flag for this kind of content it's copy paste and takes no effort :(

I think the idea behind this is similar to Pinterest, collecting and sharing. Finding people with similar interest.

If it was only pinning Steem posts then it would have been good. But this is different, you can pin Steem post but you also pin say a news article from another website and it creates a Steem Post with a photo and couple of lines about the pinned article. Basically it is creating content with no value on the Steem blockchain

I'd love to see another project called dlove

Dating on the blockchain?

I don't know. Maybe.

Is there a reason why not, @mazzle?

@ronel you may get a post based on love. I do believe you will be happy

that's a great Project I am definitely going to give it try

A good start!

The discord link seems to be expired

This sounds like a good idea but can you give a me a case i would need to use it and how it is an advantage. I am trying to understand it's use. Thanks

Very interesting. I'm gonna check it out

What should you do when someone comments like this?
I need you to visit my post link and explain to them. "According to the information I know, @theshinstory knows you, I know him so I trust you in Dlike ... Good luck"


He is a new guy. Does not know how steem works. He need to be told about login process thorugh steemconnect for existing steem user. He probably trying to make new account!

This post was funded/promoted by @DevFund using a budget of about 300.00 USD.

100% of the money sent or earned via upvotes to this account will be powered down and used to give back via promotion bots to Steem ecosystem development initiatives like this one.

hello dlike. hope you like it here

What a good news, you know what? Today is just getting better and better. I bought same Steem last night on Coinspot so i can transfer them into my steem account and power up, and waking up this morning and see the Steem price went up was really a good news. On top of that, just a few minute ago, i started surfing on the platform and i found this post which made the day even brighter. I went to check the app and i really liked it so very soon i will upload my first content on @dlike. Thanks to @certseek for creating this cool project and thanks to all the creators on the Steem platforms for the effort you put in and the amazing work you people are doing. I wish you all a nice day.

Sounds nice ;)
So basically we can share anything from the Internet?
Not only steem related app stuff?
Or only Social media platform content?
And login with the posting key?

Login with steemconnect.
Yes, you can share any url which you think is worth of sharing to community.

Login only with steemconnect..?
I don't like the rights i gotta give up using steemconnect.
I prefer the direct posting key login, like dtube or steepshot.

Why would you want a direct login when steemconnect is so secure?

Steemconnect is more secure than direct logins!

@dlike dlike is a fully developed application for people to enjoy the additional source of monetization in the most important and first decentralized social media based on blockchain. I think it's super ninterezante and explain everything even more I could learn to use it great friend thanks for sharing. @dlike

I will be trying dlike out now! Looks similar to reddit in functionality, but much more in terms of design and features.

Maybe a mobile app will come next? I would definitely download it.

Yes, app and browser extensions will be launched soon!

Great. I'm excited ( :

I love it! The Steemit Blockchain is building a beautiful foundation for a future take over.

(Posted with Vapor, available for iOS and Android)

Truth brotha. I need to check out that Vapor app as well!

Steem is no doubt the future of social media sites and being the pioneer in blockchain based social sites, time is not far to gain the true glory.

That’s gospel right there! To the tears of all those who didn’t listen when we told them about our visions of the future.

hello @delike you will tell me more about this? I am waiting your reply.

I have registered on and have submited a test post. It is a very interesting app and I think I'm going to use it in future as well. It still needs some design improvements though. For example in "You may also like" the photo proportions of width and length are not ok. Should be the same as on the main feed page.


ScreenHunter_01 Jul. 02 08.32.gif

Thanks for suggestion!, We will be working on it!

When login on dlike why we enter owner key??? Is any loss on it??? Anyone knows please reply

dlike uses steemconnect for login which is most reliable source of using your keys on any steem app!

Dlike app is very interesting but doesn't have any sponcers yet.....

I Would like to work in this project with you sir... Can v do this ??

Join discord and post ther waht you can do!

The project look promising, I will give it a try

It seems to be a unique project based on Block chain technology helpful for steemit community i like it.

This is really exciting, I will be testing it very soon..

Can’t wait for it to go live on IOS!

It will be soon surely!

@dlike plz give me more info about this ... Its like intersting project i want to learn more about this and also give me link to join

I like the idea and fully support it. But

Would this sharing come under attack by those who will be damn bent to call it plagiarism as sharers will be earning steem rewards for no major personal contributions.

It can be an issue no doubt, but moderation and proper terms will ensure best results! It will definitely be a step forward to make steem more social in true sense of sharing links about things that people like!

I agree and support you in that. Sharing internet content with original links should be encouraged.

This is a new dApp,
We. Just want to continue to grow and achieve greatness,
I will give it a try

It is very useful to us.
steemit best.JPG

You guys are really innovative and yes i can imagine it will definitely be a huge doubt.The idea of sharing posts, images, videos on our mobiles with just a click is something which is destined to be a successful and not only that it will monetize for the same too.Hats off!

I genuinely don't understand. Why would they get pissed they're dating each other if they all broke up with one another? It's not like anyone was cheating, right?

Video grabbing is not supported yet, only image grabbing with crawler at present. I have mentioned on share page also. It will be added soon!

Thanks for the answer. I like the site, I'm a sharer by default :)
btw: is it possible to share posts from dtube/dsound?

videos, audios Not yet... :(

Cool idea. The logo though.... Im probably the only one seeing it... But still..
you seem to be missing a letter.

Really... mention plz

@dlike this project looks very interesting. i will definitely try this and share my review after using.

Great concept steem working for all people who have any type talent

That's a cool project and I'd really like a browser extension for easier sharing. I will certainly try it out! Good luck with dlike!

Thanks. Browser extension will be ready in coming weeks!

Hi @dlike , a very interesting project, I will try to join. it seems discord does not have a discussion channel and so on, please to be developed, in order to facilitate us to interact in it.

Thanks for checking it. I am working on it and soon we will have mods for better community interactions on discord.

Thanks for the idea and running dlike, it seems like a cool thing, I have to check it out now :D

Interesting concept I love it! Looking forward to try it out. Kudos to the @Dlike team

Dlike is a very important app for entire Steemit community members. I am going to use it from today. I hope this app this app will very popular and helpful. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks and you are welcome to community!

Wow! its great opportunity for all steemit users. And definitely i will try this. Thank you @dlike

Yes it is!

Awesome project @dlike...suggestion...the site needs to be sorted by the tags so users can search by category of interests.

Thanks for suggestion. We will work on this!

Looks awesome! The interface is very clean and submitting content is very easy. Great to see another cool dApp on Steemit.

Nice concept from @dlike. I love to see more apps built on the steem blockchain. I will suggest you get this project on @steemprojects. Steemprojects is a directory of apps and tools built on the steem blockchain community.

it will be!

I like the idea. I used to enjoy Stumble upon for a w good years when I had a lot of free time to browse. Adding social rating into the mix (maybe it was done already, haven't followed) seems like an awesome addition.

good luck....seems a very cool project

The project is really cool and have a lot of potential since many people likes to share simple links and debate about it on the commentaries. Unfortunately the platform will need more time to get really interesting and attractive... and I wish you to find a good team to improve it.

But the most interesting part of this project is probably to see an entrepreneur without technical knowledge who try to make an application on Steem and personnaly I really appreciate that.


Without your help things would have been difficult! Thanks!

It looks like Dlike will like.

I just put up my first Dlike. Very cool and easy to use. Congrats on the new platform!

Thanks for appreciation!

Another cool App on Steem blockchain? Is the App ready now? Where is the link to download it?

Its web based version launched, link is in article,ios and andriod apps will be available soon!

That's cool will check it out - it looks like a mix of Reddit & Pinterest on the blockchain!

I think you guess it right!

waooo..............its seems to be so interesting..... like it....

WIll you buy some Steem?

not now... if wanna buy..then contact with you later

very good and new project for earn money . I like this project its very simple
people who wants easy steps try this project
There are some minor problems hop they will remove in future ?

Dear @dlike, I am a iPhone user , is the app also available in iOS version or not ?
Can i use this app.

Apps will be available soon!

Seems like very interesting project. We need such innovative ideas to come up here and gain. Please keep updating us on this. Great going !!

Indeed it is!

pleaseeee help i'm new on steemit

everyone needs help

Yeah its really good blockchain for monetization

How i can take benefit from steem platform??

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This looks like a amazing project - now its certainly gonna help the community - Look forward to use the app :)

Such a wonderful project about steem

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Seems like very interesting project. We need such innovative ideas to come up here and gain. Please keep updating us on this. Great going !!!

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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@dlike This is a very good article Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful information ...!