What are the adverse effects on countries whose leaders are unfair?

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The adverse effects on a country whose leaders are unfair can never be over emphasized. Bad leadership or unfair leadership is a service that sabotage a country regardless of how the leaders and perpetrators want to paint it. Its a service because they are serving the country. In as much as some are ignorant of the meaning of leadership.

Below are some of the adverse effects of unfair leadership in a country.


It is certain for a country to experience economy depreciation as a result of unfair leadership. It all balls down to nepotism. Giving appointment and portfolio to unqualified personnels just to favour or for them to help you run the affairs of the government. They'd return nothing but a run down economy in their different parastatals.


Unfair leaders leave nothing but poor infrastructures in the country since they are after foreign investments. Forgetting it was the very infrastructure they neglected to fix in their country that attracted them to invest in another country.


There's a saying:

You can't eat your cake and have it.

It simply implies that you can't have a robust system of education when the money meant for it are embezzled or used for irrelevant stuffs. In some Western African countries, money is given to educational bodies to see to the needs of the universities in the country (the money usually comes after agitating or striking). But these needs are not met, instead they squander the money. Just because their wards are not in any if the country's institution. That's unfair leadership.


Unfair leadership in any country brings unnecessary hardship. Because the rich will grow richer (more especially those in favour) and the poor will continue to grow poorer.


Of course this is one thing that's inevitable in any country. But what becomes the fate of the defenseless?? When the leaders are unfair. Crime will definitely increase.


Unfair leadership creates room for corruption. Those who are not favoured or could not meet up will strive to do some manner of things including giving and taking bribes. Just to meet up because of the hardship.

There are lots that can happen apart from the aforementioned. As a result of unfair leadership. And it usually happens as a result of greed.

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