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Hi Steemit

Today i reached a new milestone of 2000 followers, although it feels more like 50 followers, lol. It has been 1999 for the last few days, and it's finally 2000 today. Might be 1999 again tomorrow, so i took a screenshot of the 2000 followers below

2000 followers.jpg

Thank you for all my followers and welcome to the new followers.I post about travel, food, Precious metals and cryptocurrencies mostly. I have been on steemit for around 1 and half years, time flies.

steemit has made my travelling more enjoyable and encourage me to try taking better photos

Thank you again !!!

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Congratz for the milestone! Yeah it's not very easy to reach! moreover, it's good to keep you in my follower list, coz the experience that I gain through your is really enormous!
Congratz again!



thank you theguruasia, yes they add up slower when it's already in the thousands, maybe when Steem price is 5 dollars again we will see more people

I hope at least the 30% can upvote your content, i mean it's the best way to support quality here on steemit :). Regards


thank you dim753, 30% would be nice

Congratulations my friend, but I am even more impressed with your over 10,000 posts....


Thank you edkarnie, Yes i have posted quite a lot in this short amount of time

Thank you for sharing and congratulations !


thank you floridanow





thank you freedomshift

Congratulations!!! 2000 Followers


thank you goldcoin

Good morning @djohan, enjoy this day, these followers including me know appreciate quality content.

Have a good day:)


thank you martha75, have a good day

@djohan, That's great milestone of your steemit journey. My warmest congrats to you and hope your next 1K followers will connect to you soon.


thank you madushanka, it was 1998-1999 for at least 1 week, i am happy it is over 2000 now, yes 3000 is next milestone

Very good milrstone!! At first I saw an extra 0, so I read 20000 followers!! Congratulations!!

Have a wonderful day!


thank you kaminchan, haha that would be nice to have 20000 followers, maybe next year

Congratulations on achieving a mile stone of 2000 followers. May you have many more in near future. All the best @djohan


thank you kamchore, aiming for 3000 next

You deserve it . Congrats dear friend .
But your feel is also true.


thank you spiritualpower, maybe they are not active when Steem price is low and hopefully will be back soon

I have 1300 follower , but I think I have only 2 to 5 followrs . Lolz


thank you pardeepkumar, yes i see some bigger blogger than me only have 3-5 comments on their posts, hopefully they will be more active when Steem price recovers

Cool, I see you now have 2002 ... whoop-d-doo ... :-)


thank you manorvillemike, yes now increasing by 1 or 2 daily

Omg....That's huge achievement in your steemit life. My congratulations to you. I wish you the best for more succeed.


thank you templeflower

Wow bro!! That was fast!! Grats on your 2k !! Keep blogging!! Cheeers


thank you spikykevin, aiming for 3000 soon

Congratulation on reaching 2000 followers. Great work makes your fans more.


Many congrats on this great acheivements. Stay blessed dear.

Congratulations!! I just started out and hopefully I can reach your amazing goal of 2,000 followers! Keep up the great work!

Congratulations on this wonderful achievement.
2000 followers is no joke

Congrats on an amazing achievement.

Congratulations for this great achievement,

I got so excited for you I started up voting all the replies as I scrolled down through them. I should have paid more attention. 2000 followers! Well Done! Half way through I realized I'd signed on to upvote a lot of congratulations, but it was too late. Labours of love my friend. Best kind!

Simply outstanding! As one of your followers, I can say you bring great content to the site and I look forward to your posts. Keep it up Sir!

and i am one of it proud followers haha 😍 congratzz

congrats on your success and thanks for all of your work in promoting this great community :)

Many congratulations you deserve it feels great to be one of them keep sharing and steem on more to come :D

Congratulations! Wonderful seeing artists so successful on steemit. Here's to 2K More :)

Congratulations on this achievement..

Delegate 50 SP to your follower number 2000, it will make both of you feel great. Hey take it easy...

Congratulation for a great milestone...!!!!!!
Have a great weekend..

Take from us the wishes of peace and good, sun, heat and light! Smiling friends and caring relatives!
Let strong health become a companion, let dreams come true, cherished desires! And congress for 2k followers.

@djohan congrats on this big success. Youbare such a hard worker. Good luck