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Reddit censoring all steemit links

in steemit •  7 months ago

This is mostly the Fault of @comedypenmic, since they started they been telling Reddit and Steemians alike that they will be ransacking SubReddit Funny members to #ComedyOpenMic on Steem.

Apparently they have been scheming to steal 1% of their members from the largest subreddit s/Funny in just their first 12months! BTW 1% of 50Million = 500,000 new Steemians :D

Click To Vote @ComedyOpenMic For Witness And Disrupt The Steem Blockchain With Laughter!
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Thank you to @matytan for the great banner

If you Are Not Afraid of The Dark, come say Hello in COM Discord:

BTW. @ned, you don't need hair gel for this situation, it's a good sign, @sneak propose a Steem-bounty for first Reddit-quest SMT, and @andrarchy make sure you sell this in SF3 about Reddit FOMO..... heheh!

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