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looks yummy..#salads a perfect way to detox body.. :-)

Who made this? Seems yummy


I think it's an Egyptian side dish.


May be, I can hear some Arabic song in background.

You making me too...👌

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yummy🍴delicious salad🥗

It's delicious !! 🥄🥄🥄

New and simple bean servings of mixed greens are brisk, scrumptious, and easy to make. ... "So natural to assemble, looks wonderful, and is totally delectable! I had the remains ...

The presentation is really good, making me want bean salad

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noted. Thanks for the tip~

its look like delicious.thank you for your recipe

It's delicious !!

It's delicious !! I should have 🥄🥄

Cool I like salads

My favourite dish

It's delicious !!