Mini air-show at our local airport... With one of my favorite older planes!!

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😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱

So late last Sunday morning my dad calls me and says Hey! There has been an airshow on all morning, do you wanna go? So I said sure and off we went to go see pops and my brother for this airshow.
I couldn't believe my eyes when we first got there but first, let me tell you this... we decided that it would be a good idea to have a bite to eat before heading to walk around the show, so we sat down on the patio outside and ordered some food. We ended up waiting an hour and forty five minutes for food (yeah - 1:45) with countless "sorry guys, burgers take 30 minutes to cook" or "sorry guys, its on its way out any minute" like literally four excuses as to why we didn't have out food. Its not even like it was super busy or anything which would have at least given them an excusee... but wtf, we were not happy at all, so we told the manager (who wouldn't even come outside to talk to me) that we were good and not to worry... hungrily picked up and left to go look at some planes ----- sorry, didnt mean for that to turn into a rant lol

Aaanyways, as to why I couldnt believe my eyes... One of my all time favorite pieces of flying machinery

This beauty - A Douglas DC-3

Canadian military edition 😉 - Retired of course but still flying

Im not sure the satisfaction or what made this one of my favorite aircraft, because to a kid growing up (in Africa) it had no real wow factors, or any crazy supersonic, wing folding, missile shooting new technology action to it. It had a strange looking snout but it was a perfect fit at the same time. Watching videos of it in flight with the sound of those engines roaring away as it pulled itself through the air - coupled with the point that the name of the aircraft itself was Douglas which was sort of my name, was probably more of the reason why it had such a hold on me... and still does 😄

Thanks to apirnala for this youtube video 👌👌

They were offering rides on this beauty at the airshow but for $120 I couldn't justify it at this time ... 😭 So after I snapped a few pics we went on to look at the few other aircraft they had there. It wasn't a big air show, maybe had 10 planes there so here are some of them...

This is the BAE Hawk.

My old man and myself

😃 Haha please excuse my scruffiness... Im trying to grow a beard here, winters coming!!!

Look at the size of this drone, they had it strapped to the top of this car I think to sarcastically portray it could fly away with the car lol 😜

Thanks for checking in and reading along...Stay tuned, I am charging my batteries for my drone and if the weather is decent this long weekend, I will hopefully get some awesome pictures up sooooon 😀

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Thanks to Giphy for the gif



That's some drone on that car!

haha right !? I went with my dad and his go to joke was something along the lines of adding that the drone could fly with the car lol, dads and their jokes

Hello! Great post! I wish I could see more of that plane behind you in your scruffy beard pic, it must be beautiful to see that thing soar the skies. And wth that drone?! Amazing! Soon we'll be traveling by drone, hahaha! Upvoted for cool content.

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I like the Douglas too bud. And you're gonna regret not shelling out to fly in that badboy haha. Great you got to spend some quality time with your pops 👍😎 Can't wait to see some drone footage too. Peace

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great post love aircraft as a flyer myself

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