Diggerdugg is back! With a mustache that means business 😂

in #steemit5 years ago

Hey everybody

So I have been away from Steemit for quite sometime now, dealing with life as we all know that it sometimes gets in the way, but now I am back with a vengeance!

So check out this mustache... I decided to go for a hot shave the other day to get rid of my knarly beard, so I could head back to the oil rigs.

I want to thanks the nice folks at Bourbon in Saskatoon for hooked me up with my first ever hot shave.

It was so relaxing sitting there, I almost fell asleep lol!!

And well.... here is the after shot!!

Haha dont judge me

It is Movember right now so i figured, why not leave a dirrrty mustache on my face so support the social media rage they call Movember!!

Stay tuned for more adventures from a drilling rig in Alberta Canada



Welcome back boss! Nice of ya to update Ferda boys lol Sweet banner action too bud 😎

FERDA!! lol good to be back mate. hope all has been well :D

Thanks man... Its been a while eh!!! how dafuq are ya?!?!

Cool and breezy

Looking good man! A lot has happened since you left. Join my discord and let's catch up on old times bud! You'll recognize a lot of faces there. Good times ahead, I'd like to share with you what all has been going on while you were out.


You look awesome, man! Welcome back.

Thank you mate. Good to be back :D

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Back in the day I did some diving work on the offshore rigs in La. It even snowed in New Orleans that year. Hats off to all who work in the oil patch.

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