looking for a new hobby while enjoying coffee

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Hi steemit friends, today all of my family go on vacation and play. I didn't have a chance to go with them. Today I'm really bored because I can't play with my little and cute siblings. I live this boring day reading comics and news. Hufffff

I was looking for a movie that I wanted to watch, and I decided to watch a Korean drama film and there was a new drama called ALICE. This drama has the genre Fantasy, science fiction, time-travel, romance. When I watched episode 1 this film has a match with the genre I like.

images (13).jpeg

This film tells the story of investigating a mysterious case, a determined police detective discovers the existence of a time traveler from the future who visits the present through a strange hotel called "Alice". Detective tries to prevent negative things from happening through 'Alice', but ends up meeting a version of her dead boyfriend, a brilliant physicist who seems to hold the key to time travel.

The actor who plays this film is Kim Hee Sun as Yoon Tae Yi / Park Sun Young, Joo Won as Park Jin Kyum, Kwak Shi Yang as Yoo Min Hyuk, Lee Da In as Kim Do Yun Kim, Sang Ho as Go Hyung Suk, Choi Won Young as Suk Oh Won


I've also seen Joo Won very often in different dramas like Young Pal and Good Doctor. I also like the female actor. I'm very curious about this film, which has only been running for 1 episode, and I'm really looking forward to the next film that will air.

images (14).jpeg

images (15).jpeg

There are also many new Korean dramas this month that I really want to watch besides anime. Because lately I rarely play games, maybe I'll take my time to watch Korean dramas and anime. I will watch it while enjoying the coffee I really like.

thanks to steemit friends and see you later. goodbye

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