What is busy.org? Introduction to new members.

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Busy.org is a alternate platform for steemit users. There are many reasons for whch i am using it and why is it more informative than steemit.com.

Firstly what is it??

Busy is an Open-Source social network and communication platform that extends itself to a variety of rich features and functionality including free digital payments and a marketplace for goods and services.

Using the power of the Steem blockchain, Busy is an Open-Source social network and communication platform that extends itself to a variety of rich features and functionality including free digital payments and a marketplace for goods and services. On top of that, Busy is also a Non-profit organization offering open-source projects on Steem, which aims to bridge the gap between the old economy and a new economy giving value back to people.

There is plenty of places to use it when Steemit.com is down or acting funky.

Its features/differences.

  1. You have them all the time handy when you want to browse, no need to visit main page all the time.
  2. people using busy.org can PM each others just within the portal.
  3. Bookmarks is main thing im missing in Steem, when i find interesting post that i need for later i have to use 3rd party service to store it. Not anymore thanks to Busy!
  4. More info than on main site, esp about the voting power and also looks nicer imo.


Both platforms use the same blockchain technology and both are in Beta. When you write in Steemit, your post automatically is published in Busy and vice versa. The two platforms are just different interfaces for the Steem blockchain. Busy is very new, so don’t get frustrated. It needs you to help create it.

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You say that busy.org is a great opportunity for all steemit user yes is it true for all member..


Agreed, Busy applies to all users and not just when you are on Steemit.com. And Steemit.com is managed by the Steemit Inc. company in NY. Not sure where the Busy company is.

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ok this is good to know- so are most of you posting to steemit? or to busy? which interface is working better for most people?


Hey @daltongang, that's a good question. I'm just learning about about this as well but since busy is using the Steem blockchain, what you post on busy can also be posted in Steemit.

From first-look, Busy allows you to do a few more things that are important for a lot of people:

  • Have multiple draft stories
  • Quick post button
  • Save posts for later
  • View notifications
  • Direct message other users

I'm sure there are many other things to learn, this is just what I've observed in my first look. Hope this helps!

That's a great idea! It really shows one great advantage blockchain open source applications have over conventional centralized apps. If you don't like one thing or find that something can be improved you can do it yourself. Congratulations for the project! I hope it's successful and that some of your improvements reflect back on this platform!

ok...so do I need a register as a new member or are you automatic member if you have an steemit account?


you have to login with your steemit creds. otherwise it tries to open a new steemit account. Think of it like a different browser, ie. firefox vs chrome


I tried but it won't seem to take the Active or Owner keys.


Sorry, I can't help you. Maybe @dhruv123 will see this an intervene!


Hello @tsgulich you have to use your password or active private key to login.

I wasn't aware that whatever you post on Steemit is published on Busy as well and the other way round. Thanks for posting this.

thanks for clarification, simple and understandable topic