How to improve business steemit :**

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First you have to start to be very active but not only but your content must have something interesting to answer as to solve the problem, because business in fact is solving the problem of clerks of course have a high standard 



You need to learn how to manage time so as to dedicate it to the work and development of the business, not to pleasure and to constantly improve to give new ideas.


3 will never lower the ethics of work here give example. The bakeries are prospering and we sell good bakeries like 300 a day, but I changed the style to taste and the quality for selling it in a few days will fall, because everyone will soon grow up that I already do so good buns

4 You need to find a balance between the various activities you can not focus on just one man or the renaissance man and grow on many planes. You have the best health in the world but health is not worth anything