Wildan and beautiful roses

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Roses are a type of shrub of the genus Rosa named after the flowers produced by this plant. Liar roses consist of more than 100 species, most of which grow in the northern hemisphere, which have cool air. Rose species are generally thorny shrubs or climbing plants that can reach 2 to 5 meters. Although rarely found, tall rose plants that propagate in other plants can reach 20 meters.
Most species have lengths that are between 5-15 cm long with two opposite (pinnate). Compound leaves consisting of petioles consisting of at least 3 or 5 to 9 or 13 leaflets and leaf support (stipula) consist of oval, pinnate reinforcement, edge edged, tapered at the tips of leaves and thorny on stems close to the ground. Roses are not actually tropical plants, most species shed their entire leaves and only a few species in Southeast Asia are always leafy green throughout the year.
The flowers consist of 5 crowns with the exception of Rosa sericea which only has 4 crowns. Among the blacks derived from roses are white, pink, yellow and blue in some species. The ovaries are at the bottom of the petal and petal leaves.
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