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Im not a frequent poster mainly because i tend to never finish stuff i write , but also due to just being messy. I have had several blogpages, websites and social media profiles on which i write or wrote stuff.
That is actually getting to be a problem for me. Sometimes i don't know where i posted something. Or i wrote a huge comment somewhere on a page on some thread which i never visit or will visit again.
it's a shame actually

Now, it;s getting to me more and more i need to mind this, and take care for where i post stuff.
Of course, premier choice for posting would be Steemit, so it's essential to get some more visibility on here.

Second i need to rethink the way i manage my social profiles, of which some are getting neglected by now.
That might not even be a bad thing though. Time is scarce, and especially socials like Facebook or Instagram mainly intent to take your time and in return give you mainly ads and spam-like content.

  • These services are bad mmkay

Time to get strategic about the way i act online and i think you should 2 if you haven't done that.
I mean, it's not about 'appearance', but efficiency,being out there and some value creation, right?

I think so at least. For me it's not so important my pics are glossy, but i want that pic to be clear in why it is there or what it's meant to state. Everybody has his or her ways on posting content online and in the end

it should just reflect who you are and what your interests are. And in the end we all want to get some.
So go get it!

Have a nice day y'all

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Thx to my dear friend @markush for helping me out.

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In the end your blog has to be a reflection of who you are or want to be. You have to keep up what you are doing, and yeah visiting back regularly does help actually haha

Kleine moeite man, My pleasure.

Sometimes i have the same thing i plan to comment back, but i forget it.

And for the rest i deleted my (bull)twitter. I only use FB when i lose my phone. I accept no friends on FB. And i very rarely comment on Ytube.

Maybe im missing out on something. Maar ik vermaakt me prima hier. Welke onderwerpen worden hier nou niet besproken?

Fijne avond :)


Steemit is toch uiteindelijk ook een soort spiegel van de samenleving? Ik merk dat mn fb me ook mateloos irriteert aan het circeltje aan gesponsorde info die ik krijg


Zo heb ik het eigenlijk nooit bekeken, als een spiegel van de samenleving.
Maar je hebt wel gelijk, want vooral het 'do something cool & make money' - aspect is iets dat in de samenleving exact hetzelfde. Iedereen wil money, vriendjespolitiek & sex sells zijn op Steemit en in de samenleving precies hetzelfde.
Mooi inzicht :)


I totally agree, although for now i seem to need FB and Twitter for staying in contact with specific persons, but for the timelines i'd rather not use it anymore.
So switiching to Steemit and also will take some time but in the end it will definitely be worth it!
See you around bro.