I currently mine Ethereum, is it worth switching to Steem?

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Hello Steemians,

I currently mine Ethereum and I'm wondering if it's worth switching to Steem. I am running two R7 370's, and soon will add an additional two RX 480 cards when the custom AIB cards are released—this is the first mining rig I've ever built. I use a headless setup with Ubuntu 16.04 and I ssh into the rig to perform any tweaks and modifications. At the moment, I'm generating an average of 32 MH/s with this setup, and hoping the RX 480's will get me closer to 80 or 90 MH/s. At the current rate of 32 MH/s, I am getting about 1 Ether every 4 days.

How much Steem would I be able to mine with my current setup and is it worth switching to Steem?

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No GPU miner for Steem yet, only CPU.
No pools, only solo-mining.

Hmm... only CPU mining? That seems pretty crazy. Is anyone building a GPU miner?

How much Steem have you mined with your CPU?

don't expect a gpu miner. if someone posts one, use a thousand virusscanners and check the code for what it does.

Why wouldn't there be a GPU miner coming?

Hmmm how does one cpu mine steem. What software, work with sha256 miners?

I wrote about it here, if you are interested.

If you install GPU mining software, can you set a percentage of CPU power you want to utilize, so that it does not overwhelm your computer for other tasks?