WeKu - Is this just a steemit copy or something real?

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Hey Steemians,

today somebody dropped me an invite to a social media platform called "WeKu" and I was more than surprised as I found in someway a copy of Steemit.

weku a steemit copy.png

Yes, it taste more or less like this

But this token is not on sale yet, and many other things are not yet working, but I was able to write a few posts and do a few comments.

All feels like steemit

My Profile page

As you see, after just a few minutes it looks quite similar and I will keep an eye on this new network

No Bots?

I read a few posts and there is a big discussion about a no bot land how I would name it. This would be a benefit for many new users as they might build up some visibility much faster as everybody is more or less on a similar level.

We all know what bots can do and what we did without them.

no bots at weku.png

Let's see how this will develop!

Therefore I did this picture with a little red line to the bots.

Who is behind WeKu

As I just saw this today, I only know what the website says and here at https://weku.io/

weku team.PNG
(C) by WeKuWebsite

Next development

And again from the WeKu homepage a part of their roadmap
Love to see the next steps and most important a coin at the exchanges

Dev plan weku.PNG
(C) by WeKuWebsite

Have a look

If you like to have your onw look to this, see how it will change and what the outcome will be, feel invited and please leave me some words about your visit.

Feel free to use my invite link https://deals.weku.io/pick_account?referral=detlev and please connect and engage with me.

 " "detlev steemit klein.gif""

Detlev love steemit

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WEKU is to Steemit as Bitcoin Cash is to Bitcoin.


bitcoin cash has its social network too, it's called YOURS, so yes, like a fork ...


yes, a fork but not yet traded somewhere

I will check it out and have signed up under your reference link. zekepickleman again if there is a follow like here.

Still have to get to the quickstart guide and get going.

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It’s just a Steemit ripoff. The coin is worthless. I created a couple of accounts there and wasn’t happy with it. The community seemed quite lacking as well.


Thanks for your feedback. At least it is interesting that people start to build something like this.

I'll give it a peek and see what becomes of it.

Oh, another world to meet. Thanks for sharing.


You are more than welcome!

Have a nice week

Looks promising to me. I am already joined. Thank for sharing.

Might be good to get in early, but this is just a knock off of steemit. Is their coin traded on any platform?


nope, no trading yet, so double check you activities.


I like to be to early but since knock off of steemit I think I’ll keep my post right here. Interesting though since usually when something is working people try to knock it off.