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Hardfork 19 will increase the voting power of all users:
Your voting power will be worth 4 times what it is currently worth if you select 100% percent voting power. This will result in being able to make fewer votes each day but it will give your vote more power!

This will lead to site growth and democratization:
The hardfork will ultimately reward the medium and smaller users as the site becomes more democratic. This will lead to an increase in site growth as the hill to climb in growing your Steem Power becomes flatter. New users will progress quicker, which is ultimately good for the site and the big users otherwise known as whales.


Building on what makes Steemit great:
Our community is diverse and growing, a quick search and you will see how rapidly the user base is increasing. To sustain this, users need to feel like they are valued and their hardwork is paying off, this will be amplified after the Hardfork.

Steemit is free! Facebook, Youtube and Instagram are saturated with advertisements and people trying to pay for your attention. This does not benefit the user. Which brings me to the most important thing about Steemit, its decentralized. This results in the users receiving the most benefit, lets continue this altruistic and selfish trend of benefiting the users!


To the moon!
The sooner you believe in Steemit the more benefit you will get from its growth. Our community is still tiny, but this Hardfork will give all users the chance to catapult their growth and steem ahead!

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thanks for the post! It was a nice one.

Thanks for the post. I am new to Steemit and only just now made aware of the hard fork. In fact, although I love writing, I am only just learning the intricacies of Steemit. I'm only learning all of the terms of crypto trading in general. Thanks for adding value to my life through your post.