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Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. I decided to repost this seeing that this is a post dedicated to helping new members and one user is unable to resteem this since it way passed the 1 week mark. I want to share with you all today some of the things I am doing now that can help you and I to build a following leading to success on the Steemit platform.


If you are reading this now, congratulations! Because you are one of the many EARLY ADOPTORS to this new revolutionary social media platform that pays you to write posts you are passionate about and engage in the community by commenting to other user's posts and upvoting others that you find interesting and who you want to help! So here are the list of the things that I am doing that will generate success here in the long term:

1.) Write 1 blog post a day! The reason I say this is because if you post too much in a day, your other previous posts may come unnoticed. If you post too little, the interest of your followers may suffer slowly. So posting one post a day gives your blog post a full day for some decent exposure to your followers.

2.) Post something you are passionate about but at the same time, that is useful for your audience depending on your area of expertise. Post anything you want really, just make sure your readers will care to read everything you have to say. Then the better the chance someone can comment, upvote and follow you. :)

3.) Comment at least 5-10 people's posts daily in the New Tab under "IntroduceYourself", find new users that just entered the platform and welcome them by saying what you like about their introductory post and wish them success! :) There is a high chance to get a follower from a new person after doing so, especially if you followed the new person first.

In my case, I am also welcoming all new users that I come across here to my new Steemit Promo Discord Server, if you are new and interested in joining, here is the link:

Check this post to know my goals on my Steemit Discord Server if you are interested:

4.) Look up under new and find a blog that interests you and read ALL OF THEM from top to bottom so you can understand what someone is trying to talk about in their blog. Then respond to it positively. Give them advice if you know how and they ask for it. Do any response and engage with them so you know that you are looking out for their best interest.

5.) Look up trending topics and comment their posts too doing the same steps I just told you on new users, but be sure you know what you are responding to because they most likely have been on steemit for quite a while and they know whats a great reply or not.

You may have a chance to get the big whales from the trending page to respond, upvote and follow you but not as easy as a new follower. So perhaps comment on 10-15 trending posts a day. This is something I am trying to follow too when I have time.

TIP: Rather it be a new user or a very experienced blogger making hundreds and thousands of dollars on steemit, let them know to check your blog to see IF there is something that INTERESTS them. Leave it like that. No need to push your blog towards anything. If they like your posts, they will read it all through, upvote, comment and follow you.

6.) This is what I follow greatly! Anyone that comments your posts or responds to your message, I upvote almost single one of them and respond to them as well. Although you should not upvote more than 10-15 daily because your steem power bandwidth will lower and needs a few days to recharge, but doing so will show your supporters that you appreciate their support.

7.) Invest as much as you possibly can afford on Steem Power. Put the money you can afford into it to give you better voting power. Because many people loves people who upvotes them and its worth a lot. They are sure to follow you so you can support them more as a power voter.

And that's all I am doing now to lead towards my future success on Steemit. I love the positive community here and you can learn a lot from other people's posts here. And we can support each other.

If there is anything else I missed, please let me know in the comments below. If you find this post valuable as a beginner or someone who did not knew these things I do, please upvote and follow me. I have a lot more to offer in the near future!

Take care, Steemians and God Bless U! :)

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Thanks for sharing this.

That is resourceful man. Thanks for sharing.
Upvoted and followed

Good tips @denoxblogger. This post deserves more attention than it is getting.

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@denoxblogger There was a lot of great information in this post! Thank you for sharing.


I am glad you liked it :) And no problem

Really wanted to re-steem this! I found this post incredibly helpful and enlightening! I'm going to start with your advice and hopefully,​ this will create a following I hope to get!!


Yeah! I really hope it helps you too! Just stay consistent on it and you will get far! :)