Where are Steems Crypto Partnerships?

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Yeah we are somewhat intertwined with Bitshares Peerplays and Eos but where are our big partnerships with other coins? Everyone has a reddit page, a medium blog and a slack channel. If Steem focused on collaboration with other cryptos we could take one more step towards becoming crypto -u!


Sponsored Areas

This might need to wait for communities. {when will they get here?} but we should seek sponsored areas for other cryptos to make announcements (beat medium) have discussions (beat Reddit) for now I don't see a way to beat slack.

Integrate Ico platforms and Decentralized exchanges

We should offer gateways to decntralized exchanges and ico platforms. They want our community on their platform we should make it easy to use steem credentials to set up wallets or at least be added to thier mailing list. We should help waves link steem pages to obscure waves tokens, we should makes it easy to convert steem dollars to these other tokensz we should send steem users directly to decentralized exchanges when they want to sell steem or sbd.

use Status?

Can we use status to allow for instant messenging for steemians? Let's integrate it so it's easy

use civic

Can civic be used to open steem accounts rather than Facebook? Let's do that.

can Our steem wallets hold Corion?

Since witnesses refuse to provide for a proper sbd interest rate can we have the option to hold Corion instead?

Integrate and Win!

The point is there are lots of ways to integrate steem with other cryptos. When other cryptos do this they get a boost as two communities are linked. Let's do this for every crypto community!


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