Retweet and Reblog Contest, $200 + Payout Giveaway

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I will give $50 SBD to a randomly selected user who upvotes this Steemit post.

Oh, that's just vote buying, right? Well I'll give the full SBD value of this post payout and $100 extra to a randomly selected user who retweets the following tweet:

I stake my public reputation that I will make these payouts, however it works out. Payout for the tweet will be via your choice of Bitcoin, PayPal or Steem Dollars (if you register with Steemit). How I choose the random users can be discussed in the comments if needed.

Edit: Gonna give an additional $50 to a random user who resteems. Also, competition ends with the first payout for this post.

Another update: the payout will include that from related posts such as this:

Edit2: Contest is over, I will take a snapshot of retweets now, and random selection and announcement of winners will happen tomorrow.


Curious what result your experiment will bring. I wonder in principle what value attention will have going forward into the attention economy. The telecom industry already predicts that in a number of years communication will be free of charge because the costs will be covered by companies who live of the attention economy. I myself wonder when attention will reach a value that you can travel free of charge by plane to key destinations.

Hmm, as steempower holders, steemit is our key to a piece of the attention economy revenue. Your initial question is a good one, and a philosophical one at that.

I usually don't do these but your angle caught my eye. Good on you

Upvoted and resteemed. Interested to see how this one turns out, regardless of whether I win anything or now.

EoinCarroll50 Eoin Carroll tweeted @ 09 Dec 2016 - 18:20 UTC

To prove that your attention is worth money I will give $100 plus the payout of this post to a random retweeter.… /

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Interesting experiment, but this is more of a contest entry than actually buying each one of our attention or retweets! The possibility of winning a lot is what catches our interest, not the immediate reward of being paid.

Edit: Still interesting and seems genuine, also I am not against vote buying. Upvoted and retweeted!

True. If it was easy to split the money out between everyone (especially on Twitter that will be hard) I would do the 'buy attention' thing more literally.

Yeah it definitely is not easy, you need a script for steemit and for twitter it would be brutally hard to manually do it! I know you would ^_^

Hi @ballinconscious, congratulations, you won the main prize!

$110, how would you like it sent? Steem Dollars is ideal for me, but I can also send it via Bitcoin or PayPal.

Holy crap this is freaking awesome! i have been more lucky with winning contests on steemit than I have been with all other contests during my whole life combined I think! So glad I tweeted, at first I was thinking,"well there is no guarantee since it is a contest and it looks like my odds will be low because of all the other entries". :p

Wow thank you so much. I really appreciate you and the random algorithm that you chose that chose me ^_^ Obviously I am following you now :p

P.S. Mmmm definitely not paypal :p either bitcoin since it might go up or SBD since there is 9% interest. Let me check the bitcoin chart now first before i decided :p

Have you decided Steem Dollars or Bitcoin?

If you want Bitcoin just send me an address (it will have to be done publicly that I can prove that I sent it.

Great experiment. Upvoted and tweet retweeted.

Well, you got my attention. Retweeted, resteemed, upvoted, etc.
Curious to see how this pans out.
Twitter username: @kentfrostphoto

Let's do it! Retweeted!

sorry that took me a while to do. I had to find out how to retweet something.
I've never done that before ;-)

As for how to randomly select the winner, my favourite strategy is to pick someone with a name that sounds like... Trevor.

Then from that list pick someone who lives in a small south pacific country like..... New Zealand.

And then from that list pick the one who is closest in age to a specific number, like oh, I don't know.... 50.

So there you are give that strategy a whirl and see how it works out. It has always worked well for me :-)

Retweeted under user name @HoosierDeb2.

Interesting experiment!

Done upvote , resteem , retweet and write u a comment in twitter ;) . May the best winner win :p

Retweeted. I hope to see this go viral!

i don't use twitter and resteems stick around forever.

followed on twitter
retweeted -


rxhector Joe W tweeted @ 09 Dec 2016 - 23:56 UTC

woot , i love free money…

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

voted and resteemed...
:D i'm not a tweeting kinda guy

Here we go lets see what happens

Upvoted and resteemed, but I lack the Twitter account. haha


I don't have a twitter account, but upvoted and resteemed. All I have is hope.

i want to win

thank you ;)

I'll take a shot, upvoted 100% and resteemed

Upvoted and resteemed! Fingers crossed,! 👍

All done and more than you requested

I think I am the very recent retweet my username on twitter is @comsilbronze (surpassing Google)

I'm curious about your experiment : )
upvoted and resteemed.
Good luck

Done! And Done!

Retweeted, upvoted & resteemed.


Resteemed and twitterized.

Raymonjohnstone Raymon tweeted @ 09 Dec 2016 - 21:42 UTC

steem account @Raymonjohnstone steem viral…

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

To win the payout, you must retweet my linked tweet:


EoinCarroll50 Eoin Carroll tweeted @ 09 Dec 2016 - 18:20 UTC

To prove that your attention is worth money I will give $100 plus the payout of this post to a random retweeter.… /

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

I've upvoted but I'll exclude myself from the experiment. I'm also sorry to @beanz but I'll have to exclude her too as an immediate relative, just in case.

Omitted by my own brother :'(


I resteemed, tweeted and upvoted all the same because at least this votebuying is good for steemit and promotes the platform!

oops think I posted to wrong person..sorry

Because this will be ending so late in the day for me, I will try to take a snapshot of the retweets etc. at the end of the competition, but I will have to wait until tomorrow to do the winner selection and payouts.


Here's how I'll select the winners in a verifiable way:

I've created lists as replies to this post, with a number for each entrant. They are verifiable on the blockchain.

For each contest (retweet, upvote, reblog) I will choose a coming Bitcoin block which has not occurred at the time of this post.

Retweet: 422935
Upvote: 422936
Reblog: 422937

For each contest I will take the hash of the block, and get the mod of the result vs. the number of entrants. Mod(hash, total_entrants) + 1 = the winner.

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