SCAM alert - FAKE grumpycat messages!

in #steemit5 years ago (edited)

This scam works when people click on the learn more at the bottom of the message.


There are Two things that should be blatantly obvious to anyone that has been on here longer than a day.

  • 1 Grumpycat is NOT called simplymike.

  • 2 You never received a flag of any kind, just this fake message.

simplymikes account was hacked after clicking the learn more in another fake message from yet another hacked account. His account reputation is through the floor now @ -1 due to steemcleaners and blacklist-a.

blacklist-a downvote @simplymike/re-my-first-time-making-lasagna-800 (-10%) 9 hours ago
Blacklist a blacklist-a downvote @simplymike/re-20180306t070812154z-post-900 (-10%) 9 hours ago
Blacklist a blacklist-a downvote @simplymike/re-beautiful-mosque-500 (-10%) 9 hours ago
Blacklist a blacklist-a downvote @simplymike/re-colorful-sunset-400 (-10%) 9 hours ago
Steemcleaners steemcleaners downvote @simplymike/re-3fk8f-700 (-1%) 9 hours ago
Steemcleaners steemcleaners downvote @simplymike/re-cannotstartearlyenough-201803062108… (-1%) 9 hours ago

Just a few thoughts here.

Would it not be possible to go after bots and their owners instead of grumpycat going after new users that do not necessarily know the rules here? without ordinary bot users getting this message and flag - this scam would never have been possible to do in the first place.

I have a lot more thoughts on this, though would like to leave this a nice and simple message - DO NOT CLICK ON THE LEARN MORE LINK!

The scam works when you click on the link it asks you to sign in, you have then been taken away from the real steemit site, as soon as you enter the password you are redirected back to steemit, and the hackers have your password, within a minute they change the recovery details and password, you get locked out instantly.

Please help to get this message spread far and wide by resteeming.

Have a fantastic week.



I was also phished and just recovered my account :/ they spammed hundreds of posts from my account 0_o

Luckily they couldn't get anything other than sbd, and I think everything else will fine in time. I'm just glad to have caught it within minutes and had help from steemcleaners mitigating the damage

@kilbride My account was nuked by @guiltyparties to prevent the comments would show up. I assume yours was too. I was told to contact @guiltyparties after I got back control of my account, so the flags would be removed and the rep would go back up

As soon as I saw this post, I decided to copy the link and give it to you. Glad to see you found it on your own.

#deliberator , I came across a hijacked message by kilbride and got angry and slightly abusive. When I was told what happened, I checked her home page, saw her posts are very nice (with the kind of wry/dry humour I enjoy) and thoughtful and realised she was telling the truth. I actually ended up clicking to follow!

I appreciate it! and don't sweat the anger, the post I was spamming was rude af and also very possible that it was someone just being troll. Your anger was a normal reaction, and lots of others had it. And thank you word your kind words, and the interest in the poetry haha funny how you could tell somehow by my writing that I probably did poetry too! Ive been writing since I was a child, though very intermittently and with no real organization or presentation plan. Glad we could turn around a nasty first meeting haha. Considering there is like 240 of those messages, I got called a troll more than once

Oh that is not very good, sorry to hear that.

Oohh i see
Thanks for alerting us

Not a problem, cheers.

Thanks for spreading the word, @delibirator! And for all your help last night! You’re the best!
@simplymike (using my old account for now)

Not a problem, more than welcome, I messaged a couple of witnesses on discord to let them know about this scam, and posted this article in the pal network, in the hope someone reads it.

How do they hack into people's accounts? It's blockchain – designed to be secure (as long as your computer is).

If you click on the bit in the message that says click here, it diverts you away to a fake login page, you enter password, and it sends you back to where you were to start with on steemit, they then have your master password, and they reset it, locking you out.

Ah. Wonderful. If it weren't for the fact that they're pretty much untracable you could sue them for theft though.

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