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The first beta version of my Steemoji plugin is in the Chrome Store.
Who would like to test it is gladly invited. 🙀 🙀


What is Steemoji?

Steemoji is a Chrome plugin. It helps you to insert Emojis into Steemit article or comments.
The normal way is to copy and paste your wanted Emoji.

That's now easier.

🏆 🏆 🏆

How do I use Steemoji?

By right-clicking in the title, content or comment you can find a Steemoji entry. That icon opens a lot of emojis.


By clicking at one, your wanted Emoji will be inserted into your title, content or comment.
At the moment only the standard emojis from the browser are inserted. Therefore it depends on your browser how the Emoji look is. But I am working on it

How do I get Steemoji?

Go to the Chromestore


Steemoji is in beta, it helps to insert Emojis at the moment (not more).
I wrote the plugin in just ~6 hours, so other features are coming.

If you find Bugs, you can post them here.
If you are missing something or you have more ideas ... don't hesitate 😉


  • Automatically parse Emojis in the content and use more beautiful emojis. Overwrite the default emojis from the browser.
  • Steemoji usage in the editor, not only in the Markdown editor.
  • Steemoji Button directly in the editor
  • Thumbsup, Thumbsdown (etc) integration
  • Better sorting of the Emojis
  • Logo
  • Autocomplete would be awesome
  • Firefox Version
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Thank you so much for the info, this worked perfect for me.