Ad blocker that pledges to pay out 90% of money received from ad companies

in steemit •  2 years ago

A new ad-blocker called  

Right now they are building users to be able to take to ad companies  to charge them for our data. Currently only works on iPhone but they are  working on Android and desktop versions as well. You can still sign up  if you don't have an iPhone and hold your place in line.  The Payout system works based on number of shares. The earlier you  sign up the more shares you get plus a referral system (hence my post).  Once an ad company signs on with they will pay out to the  users and the ads from that company will no longer be blocked. 

 Essentially you're getting paid for giving up data that you were giving  up without an ad blocker for free anyway. The website is  and my referral code is Kuldeep1. Look into it and if you like the  concept of it sign up and if you can use my referral code that would be  awesome. 

Thanks guys and gals.  

Referral code Kuldeep1

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