Pay to enroll in a Steemit blogging courses!? surprise surprise ...

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Today I was thinking okay it's 2018 now and I should do something really meaningful to kick start this new year, so the first thing that came to my mind is to learn something useful online. I know there are really so much resources online that can help you with learning virtually anything as long as it's not too professional or obscure, and the amazing part is that normally these are not expensive or even free!!

So I ended up finding this amazing self-learning platform udemy and they are having a new year promotion for most of their online courses for $NT 330, which is about $11-$12. I decided to look for programming courses and since I've heard python so many times since I came here, I found some that look like good basic courses. Somehow I got some basic senses of what this is about just by watching those demo videos and I am still undecided if I am gonna pay and learn it.

But that's not the main point of this post. Along the way, surprisingly, I found out that there are eleven existing udemy courses about Steemit!!!

Ouch!! I have never known this kind of courses exist and I cannot imagine that people would pay to register in these kind of courses!! It seems you can not only blogging to get paid, but you can also teaching how to "blogging to get paid" to get paid !! Wow~~~ this really opens my eyes ...

Obviously this website is a platform for courses - you can be students and you can be teachers if you want. I am pretty sure I know no less than most of these Steemit teachers about this platform (my guess only since I did not really pay to watch these course), so it means I can also do this in the future! woohoo~~ Besides, there is no Chinese language versions! ^_^

Maybe these courses are just like so many posts on Steemit that no one reads, and they might not have many students... Let's take a look at the top 3 courses.

Be A Pro Blogger! The Complete Steemit Cryptocurrency Course: rating 4.4 with 7,371 students.

Complete Steemit Course: Earn Cryptocurrency For Free: rating 4.2 with 3,304 students.

Steemit COMPLETE Steemit Cryptocurrency based Blogging Guide: rating 4.1 with 6,234 students.

Hey, only these three courses and they have a total of 16,909 students!!! Remember, these people paid to learn how to blog (and earn) on Steemit! I am sure that a very high percentage of them all have become Steemians. Remember there are still other 8 courses that I did not check. The number would be much higher...

If you are one of these eleven tutors, share your experience with us alright? Thanks!

Things really have changed... if you've got something that is valuable to others, anyone out there that can go online, then there are various ways for you to sell what you have to those others. Blockchain has enabled this even further.

Amazing world ahead ladies and gentlemen!


they run their online tutorials

Wow, this is really interesting. I didn't know that this existed. Thanks for your good and informative article. Do you happen to know which steemit users organize those contests? I'm curious

am a student at udemy and didnt know they have this classes, maybe i should enroll now as a teacher for steemit, this could be an exiting experience


Omg the tutorial is selling online LOL

you can do it too!! ^_^

"Steemit blogging courses" seems to be a great idea. I would love to see more of that this 2018.


This has some valuable information for new bloggers especially. Though trial and error seems to be the best means of figuring things out, learning from other is certainly important for finding success. I am new to Steemit and I am doing my best to learn how to put out quality content. Paying for help could certainly be a decent long term investment but free options are always the first choice. Interesting post for sure, ^ voted and Followed!

thanks for sharing!

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