Sometimes We Get Stuck :)

in #steemit4 years ago (edited)

I heard our 4 year old calling me from the kitchen today:
"Help! Help! Daddy, I'm stuck!! Help!"

Of course I had to take a picture before helping him down. 😜


Sometimes getting stuck can be good though. It means you pushed the boundaries and reached a little further. You tried, failed and learned. As I get older I am learning more to embrace the "stuck" moments and learn from them. Also, to not be as quick to cry for help during those times as I did when I was younger and as all kids do.

What can I push through and learn to get out of this?
How can I strengthen myself in this situation?
Am I really stuck? Did I evaluate my situation objectively?

Sometimes we get stuck.
The real question is what to do next and what did I learn. 🤔


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