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RE: On-boarding, and Our Feature-length Film 'Better Left Unsaid'

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@brian-rhodes Great News :) Also Great Way To Fund Films Using Steemit .. Maybe Will be Ready Next Years .. Can be Better with Bigger community Supporting it :) , I wasn't seeing any different between subscribers & followers .. I Made a little research , I find That Subscribers receive emails when new content is added like youtube they sent you emails and notifications , Followers refer to people on Twitter or FaceBook that watch what you are doing via a news feed. They do not receive individual or dedicated messages when you post new content , Following is a Way For People to Support you publicly and Subscribing is a way for you to ensure that your content is being seen. Encourage people to be both followers and Subscribers if they are really interested in what you are doing and will Benefit from the Information.


Very good. In a nutshell, I see subscribers as being cold where I see followers as being warm. Thank you!

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