Big Steemit News!

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I usually make photography blog posts, but I
just read some exciting news that the Steemit community at large may not have heard yet, so I thought I would share!

Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. has joined forces with Steemit Inc. to create a fund to be used as an incubation facilitator for fledgling startups to build smt enabled applications.

This is great news! You can read more here

Do me a favor and check out some of my photography while you are here. Don't worry about the age of my posts, I welcome all upvotes, even if they are not still earning!

Have a great day!


That is great news. Thanks! :)

Makes me wish I had more steem!

Here's a little more lol. It is not a binding agreement, and it is 2 years from anything tangible, but it will be great for everyone. You have 2 years to stack lol.

Ok then! I'm working hard!!

yeah super news great news , you did share,,, thank you dear,, it is true stemit is best plate place to share feeling, news,, and top

Nice post...
bcak me vote and Commenta...

Not sure what all of that means. I'm new to all this, but hope to catch on soon.