The cryptos I currently hold

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Viewer asked what cryptocurrencies I currently hold. It was a great opportunity to talk up Steemit!

Since this was recorded I also opened a position in IOTA. What are you holding these days?


I am holding eos, ebtc, steem, sbd and etp for long term..

I actually recently just invested in NEO as well. It looks very promising, and I think it has huge potential to really take off.

Same! I think NEO could easily double in price. Check out my analysis below

It really seems that slowly building a small, core position in one or more crypto currencies is a smart move....I like your dollar cost averaging idea, David.

NEO will go to the MOOOOOOON!!! >>> STEEM is very exciting I will definitely be doubling down.

Only Doge can go to the moon.

For someone who doesn't know what the hell he's doing you seem to be doing okay with this currency.

Thanks for the insightful video. Currently, I am holding Steem and BTC only. I want to purchase some other crypto pairs but for that, I'm waiting to see what 2018 brings for them. I am highly interested in Dogecoin and possibly Litecoin too.

Here is my advice. Last year i invested roughly 10% of my income into crypto. Next year i will invest roughly 5% in crypto and 5% in gold or silver. 2019 I will invest 5% im crypto and 5% in stokes and shares.

2018 will be the year for us Crypto heads! Best coins to be holding in my opinion are

  1. Vertcoin
  2. Monacoin
  3. BTC
  4. DASH
  5. Monero

Theses 5 will be rocketing to the moon next year, especially with dash implementing a market for the legalised Marijuana industry that could be enormous, Also Vertcoin issues Atomic swaps with the likes of BTC, LTC, Zcash will bump up the price significantly, and then we have Monacoin, which is now adopted by the Japanese and used in Japan as an actual trading currency excepted in Japan as a form payment which is awesome!

I'm new to crypto - currently just have a profile on steemit, and a few days ago bought BTC. It can get very confusing and overwhelming for someone who is new to all of this. This comment helps!! I'm definitely going to look into the ones you listed.

Glad to help let me know how it goes for you! :) I to am quite new to steemit but iv been around the Crypto game for quite some time now.
Also check out my other blog about Lomocoin very cheap and possibly a very big coin to come in near future great for someone who has just started out!

I will, thank you!

I'm currently holding SmartCash. This coin with a large community and cool ideas. I think, already in 2018, it can grow much. Soon will be implemented InstantPay, which will pay for everything instantly. In fact, the SmartCash offers a lot of things that other cryptocurrencies do not offer. So I advise everyone not to be late with the purchase of this coin :)

Iota, Eth, BTC, LITE

If you're interested in IOTA, try to read the white paper of Raiblocks(XRB), an instant and transanction free platform.

I think Vertcoin is the big deal of 2018 and might be one of the biggest coins out there, even better than BTC and LTC due to its asic resistance. Eveyone can easily mine it with GPUs without the need of warehouses full of mining hardwares, decentralization at its best. And it works with atomic swaps and lightning as well. Definitely bullish 100

The steemit market exchange needs work. The fees are so high when selling.

Welcome to Steemit David--I've enjoyed your show on YouTube for the last year or so. Keep up the great work. My son, stephen.king989 introduced me to cryptocurrency while we visited last Christmas. Since then I've picked up a few of the alt coins, and some of the same ones you have. People at work were asking me a lot about it, so I posted a short essay on steemit to help them out I'm looking forward to your shows, and where crypto will be going.

So far I hold none but hey I'm down if anybody wants to send me some for free :). Would get me started for sure lol.

What coin wallets have you?

Oh i have exodus and coinbase to name a couple. I think i have one with gdax as well as a couple others. Just nothing in them yet haha.

So what coin would you like a jumpstart in?

Well i am wanting to either start with bitcoin or ethereum. I tried to mine but I just don't have a computer that would make it worth my time to mine. I would spend more in electricity than i would pull in sadly.

So post your Ethereum wallet address at coinbase and I will send you some.

Really? Hey I really do appreciate that man. 0x527A15cEa561a31562d7fD35ECF12B4aB704508D

Would you care for some Ltc too?

Thw way the market it right now it is good to invest.

I think Cryptocurrency investment can result in a good amount of revenue.

Great post. Love NEO/GAS as well

I am more interested for cryptocurrency.I want to say something about your post.Really this content is more educative and informative for us.I am waiting your next post.Can i have a word for resteem your post.please give me permission for resteem your valuable content .

I don't know what the hell I'm doing either but I've been consuming lots of information and at the end of the day it's fun learning new things. I like your approach of dollar cost averaging and as I learn more I can invest more wisely.

Yes I agree with you Thank you for your attention to this topic

I'm going all in with IOTA. Maybe I'm the only one?

As of right now I’m investing 10% cryptocurrency and 5% Gold and silver of my total net worth . At the beginning of this year it was the other way around . But I feel like this is a good time for crypto so I want to position myself to make outstanding returns in this market . My motto is “ evolve from paper to digital, digital to physical “ thanks for your content I really enjoyed it !

TRIG, rebranding in January-Feb. Coin is valued at $1ish, and could drop before it Moons. TRIGs got a great marketing team ,sometimes too good, so at the very worst i should hit a couple waves by Christmas

Steem, IOTA, POWR, NEO, Bitshares, Hive, Stellar, Oyster Pearl

muzakirpb upvote, posting is perfect

Steem, Lite, Bittconect, BTC, Bitbean, PAY, Bitcoin Gold...

I really wanna get in on an ico that is destined to crush the game.

I hold leocoin steem and swisscoin

I'm on that BTS and just invested in STEEM.

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Thanks for mentioning IOTA, it's getting far less publicity than it deserves.
It's only a matter of time until ARK takes off FOR GOOD and last but not least, do not forget about ETN.
There is no finished product yet, the release is delayed, but more and more people are buying it, because it's the first mobile first crypto. With all the mobile users that is HUGE, so all aboard the train before it departs for a brighter future.

Also yes, Lambos, probably

Yea IOTA supposedly lacks a strong marketing team. It is a sleeper I think.

Hi, love the content. I'm new into this whole cryptocurrency thing and just like every newbies out there, bitcoin is the first crypto we heard of. I've researched about the mining thing and im afraid im of luck. My computer is not that well enough to have a profit in bitcoin mining. Im just a college student trying to make something usefull for the future but wish me luck in finding a way to accumulate bitcoins. I have opened an account in an exchange called (since coinbase is not supported in my country) i'm looking forward to purhase my first bitcoin transaction. And also im using exodus as my main btc wallet. Wish me luck!

Can I put your name below my David Pakman Show?

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Enough about Bitcoin, the token NXT has gained more than 500% this week. Check out my analysis guys:

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