SteemHater! The newest Steemit tool to find out who hates you

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It is easy to find out your followers and the number of upvotes and the money you get, but have you ever thought who hates you?

Everyone who downvotes your post since wants you to get less money and it could be for many reasons including jealousy.

Today we bring to SteemHater, the tool where you can find who hates you on steemit.

SteemHater will be hosted on my website and on @nerdylab website

How does the tool work?

It gets the list of voters/downvoters for your last 100 post and removes all re blogs, and analyses your posts and list all the downvoters with the percentage of the downvote.
It provides you the link to the profile of the downvoters showing their reputation and the post they have downvoted.

This tool has been made in Australia and will remain 100% Aussie.


Glad I found this. Look forward to checking out all the tools this weekend. You are followed sir.

Hah I'd forgotten about the sad little looser from Pakistan who went on a flag war when he got the shits because he was busted posting as a hot young blonde chick.

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I reckon that this in conjunction with this:

Could help clean up a lot of the BS artists here on Steemit.


Checked it out. So far no one seems to hate me. That's a good thing. Cheers. Voted up and RESTEEMED.

Found this on your wall, did the same, Upvoted and Resteemed.

A bloody good effort that deserves a big round of applause.

This is a great tool, thanks for sharing!!


Nice! So far, so good lol 😀

Turns out some asshole from Canada was down voting me, so I returned the favor. Awesome app! upvoted and resteemed and followed!

Looks like no one hates you.

Awesome. That's why online life seems better than physical. It seems in person, no one likes me. Online, it seems no one really hates me.

Some of the tools people are developing are awesome.

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