New Steemit Client Api in PHP is Under Development

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Hello Steemians,

I am happy to announce the new Steemit Client Api in PHP that i am working on.

It will will be very familiar to the official Steem.js (JavaScript API for Steem blockchain) where this project will contain almost all of the functions found in Steem.js

It will also include other functions which can be used to create any project in PHP for the STEEM Blockchain.
The Project is new and is under development. It may contain some bugs and missing features which can be added over time.

This Project will be continued as long as Steemit exists.

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Hi David, is this project still under active development?

I don't know javascript. But if its a php plugin, that I do know some about. I could even make a game that to connect to steem even if its only just usernames. So people can play games with other steemians.

Yes, the project is in php

As a PHP developer I wellcome

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Hi @davidk are there any new developments in your php project?

Also I was thinking of making a Steem = USD ticker in php.

@nandibear i am currently working on WIF private and public key as well as signing transaction, and ill add some ticket function within this week.

The link to the repo is here

hi @davidk thanks for the update and the ticker function sounds excellent!

Hi @davidk were you able to add the ticker function? I was checking tonight and I couldn't find it. Please let me know. Thanks!

@davidk I think I see it now. Thanks!

@davidk, thank you for the initiative, please advise how we can use it with some examples if you don't mind. I also want to integrate it with laravel framework if possible.

Hello @goldandcoin
Send me a messagw on and will about it

Really Need something like this, will check it out. Good Job

Hi David,
Do you plan any updates in the near future? I would be great if you continue this great implementation. PHP is so nice to use. :-)

This seems to be just what I was waiting for! thank you @davidk I will implement your PHP code into one of my laravel projects.

Hi! Has some example code for this project?

Did you need any PHP help? Are you creating as open source or is this project private?