Vote Selling Minnowbooster overview [English]

in #steemit3 years ago

As announced, today I would like to mention the advantages and disadvantages of vote selling. I chose the Minnowboster and took a closer look at it.

Vote Selling:

Currently the most popular feature of the Upvote Bots is Vote Selling. It allows the bot to access in your account and let him vote when you're offline. In addition, you can set when an up vote should be made in which one assigns the bot, for example, only from 60% Steem Power or even only from 90% Steem Power to vote. For each vote, you will receive 85% of the amount paid by the customer, as well as the curation rewards that receive the votes.

Advantages of Vote Selling:

  • You do not give away your Steem Power.
  • You often earn more Curation Rewards than before.
  • More credits if you voted less before
  • Compared to the delegation, you have full control over your Steem Power
  • If you do not want to use Vote Selling any more, you can switch it off at the push of a button
    (At the delegation you have to wait 7 days for his Steem Power!)

Disadvantages of Vote Selling:

  • Your own upvotes are less valuable, as your Steem Power is constantly down
  • You have no control whats get upvotet


If you're not overvoting yourself, Vote Selling is well worth it. However, if you upvot quite a bit, Vote Selling is not worth it because either your voting power will be very low over time or the bot itself will not upvote.


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