How To Make Money Blogging In 2016 - Steem Review (VIDEO)

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All the top internet experts say that "Content is King" and today, that is more true than ever.

You see, what you do online has value; sometimes massive value for the websites that you add content to.

As one glaring example, Facebook is a multi-billion dollar company with over 1.5 billion users worldwide because it has aggregated and curated the content of MILLIONS of people.

And, because Facebook is GREAT at holding your attention, they are able to make countless millions in ad revenue.

Well, imagine if there was a way to blog so that you GOT PAID each time you wrote some quality content?

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And, then, imagine if this blog was actually on one of the most popular "social networks" on the internet, so you knew you could reach a massive audience with your message?

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And on top of that, imagine if this blog / social network gave you the opportunity to make money for each post, comment and upvote that you made on the site?

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Well, such a blog network actually exists, although not many people have heard of it yet!

The blog network?

It's called Steemit and it's actually the website you are sitting on right now!

Steemit is the new blogging / social media platform that combines the social networking of Facebook, the crowdsourced upvoting of Reddit and the monetization incentives of being an owner.

In essence, Steemit allows you to make money by posting blog posts, by upvoting on other people’s posts and by commenting on other people’s posts.

Not only that, but you can even earn a type of equity position by engaging in Steemit, as well!

So, not only do you earn immediate income from engaging on the site, but you also earn a form of equity that you can cash in on in the future - kinda like OWNING STOCK in the company.

This is a fascinating and fast growing social network that looks like it will grow very big, very fast.

This is the time to get in and benefit from your early discovery of this amazing platform.

I found a very detailed guide that walks you through how to make money blogging on Steemit and you can check it out at the link below:


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Here's a casual walk through I did of the Steemit platform.

And here's the Steem guide mentioned in the video:


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