I help you on your Witness journey, do you want to be a witness? give me your info....steemCreated with Sketch.

in #steemit4 years ago

I have 28 votes on the table. I am willing to vote for you if you provide me with your information. I only ask for a small favor in return, please take the time to read newbies post and upvote if its worthy. I see to many great content with very little reward especially newbies.

Please provide your info by commenting below and I would vote for you.

Upvote, Resteem & follow @daudimitch


Great initiative you're doing man. I will Resteem this. Keep it up!

Hey Daudi, what information do you need? Send me the links to the posts that need reviewed, thanks.

I am voting for people who want to become a witness, if you are interested in becoming a witness, you can always provide me with the information and I would upvote you to be a witness...its that simple on my side.... you can always check out my post and upvote me post if you like https://steemit.com/@daudimitch that would be greatly appreciated

What information exactly do you need? Can you give me a link to your post about being a witness?