Interests is gradually added over the Year! Steem Inflation is now 9.5% from 100+%. Steem Power receive 15% of that Annual Yearly Inflation directly credited to the Account

The Steem Power that receives 15% APR does not have to stored in Savings?

Savings Accounts, is term used of locking of your Steem Dollar. Instead of storing your Steem Dollar in your account, you can lock it up for 3 days. I'm sure that you can still earn interests on top of Steem Dollar (it's set 0% APR now though) even if it's not locked up Savings

Once you lock Steem up in Steem Power, you'll be earning Interests and credited to your account. You'll see your Steem Power increase over time, that is the Interests being added to your account

Thanks for that information! Converting STEEM to Steem Power rather than Steem Dollars seems to be the way to play the Interest earning gains right now.

Any idea when the Saving Account will yield an APR again?

Not sure, i have seen the interest change between 0-11% on Steem Dollar. This is set by Steem Witness who also update the peg on the USD with Steem, for now Steem Dollar offer Interests to incentive more users to hold Steem Power and also reduce the debt burden of SDB. The way SDB is priced on external exchanges, shows growing support for this Assets that users are willing to pay a higher price however this causes more Debt for the Steemit Community who back this debt instrument, hence why Steem Witness reduced the interests to 0% to provide more incentive to holding more Steem or Steem Power. If you want to be socially active on Steemit, it really pays to hold Steem Power but holding Steem after the Inflation rate change is not so bad aswell! Lock up some Steem to Steem Power and sell several years down the line

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