Well the numbers corelate is it time ?

in steemit •  4 months ago

If the markets are looking more like a rodeo your right. All the up's and downs would make any investor blink. But steemians know better there is only one way to go and that is Up ...
anytime now i expect more lets call them theatrics on the market because of so many factors its gonna explode or implode or both. this is not financial advice of any sort it's just my observation at the moment :)

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Hi @darsico! If I only knew my Friend. You would be one of the first I would let know. :) I do hope with all my might that they do go up to the moon and beyond for all of us! :) All the VERY best! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

Hi darsico ... I just want to say wow

well if twitter could do it ...

then why not ?

it certainly looks promising for the adaptation of the tek

( https://steemit.com/giveaway/@ubasti/re-ubasti-25hist-win-a-vote-for-your-plankton-vote-81-23-08-2018-5votes-4-5voters-20180824t101423820z )

but as for the rest ... signals are just that, i dont think anyone can claim to know




check out the @socky thing btw, if you didnt already, combined leverage to wake up sleeping witnesses who grew cosy because the money comes in daily anyway, i think its a great idea :)


yeah @socky looks like someone has resolved how to deal with some issues cool:)


theory is one thing, getting people to move is another, lol ... most just want to hang around bernie and wait for a vote while couch slouching (as a metafor on humanity ...) i got some hopes for the newer sub-bots but they still have this american type callcenter cold-sales thing going on that sometimes makes it hard not to feel insulted :D , the one you mentioned however seems to be quite the service , its gonna have to, i fear in a week this will be my only income or maybe i should nuance since its zero income atm but i feel they're gonna leave me with no choice, if i dont they'll stick me in the papermill in some retard stateside masterplan, which means i won't have time for this anymore and end up a year from now where i was today :) , btw <- that's not a cry for compassion, ok, not some attempt at a boost in votes, i dont want to establish rep as a beggar, its a decision that was made more than a while ago should it come to pass , i was just thinking i would have had a little more time so i could choose it myself instead of having to make it )

as i have been saying

its all or nothing

i found another use for my smartphone other than the flashlight on the back
a timer to set so i dont forget to vote

and on data collection : pinterest just sent me mail about "harry potter fan" pictures i "might like" ... where i havent uttered the keywords "harry" "potter" "fanfiction" anywhere but on steemit , and that was only last night :)

so you bet yow-ass they're all already here, digging it up FOR FREE, who's the freeloaders now ?
shit, slider was at 40% ... sorry for that

Yah, you are right ... Even the market not stable now, but soon it will be alright...

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