TRUTH OR DARE #209 - Do You have any New Hobbies?

in steemit •  2 months ago

TRUTH OR DARE #209 - Do You have a Hobby you would like to share?


Hi Everyone welcome to TRUTH OR DARE - Please Enjoy play and leave a reply!

I would think lot of us who have full time jobs and others have no jobs and lots of time but having a hobby for your past time makes life a little more interesting for ones self. It doesn't have to be rocket science it could be anything from keeping an ant farm to flying a kite or gardening i my case it's Steemit.

I know that sometimes i spend a little more time than i should but that's because it can be fun interacting with your fellow Steemians and sharing our ideas and views. Right now i am not on any particular work project and i might be seriously looking at Steemit as a future source of income stability which i could because i am a programmer and maybe i could create something new and interesting only time will tell but i still regard it as a hobby why take the fun out of it :)) So do you have new hobby too ?

TRUTH OR DARE QUESTION # 209 - Do You have any New Hobbies?


DARE: Send us a picture of a hobby you would like? if you have one.. :)


P.s. Scratch my back and i'll love you back !:)
You're the best!little_dog.gif

Thank you @darsico



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Steemit is also my hobby! Joining Steemit is one of the very best things that I have ever done for myself. It is very addicting. So many great People in the STEEMIT COMMUNITY! I absolutely love the TRUTH OR DARE my Friend! The Top Ten Hobbies That Make Money gave me some ideas. Thanks my Friend! Thanks for another out of this world TRUTH OR DARE! All the VERY best! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

I would like to live like a barbie but not on the apperance side. I want to be brave and kind as it shown in the movies. Get to do anything that I want as much as my heart want to. I wonder if this could be a hobby.


The question is do you dare to dream ??? Have a nice day


ahh well yeah but i tend to keep one foot in reality it keeps me grounded but this system works when you invest in it or buy some SP if you believe in yourself and your capabilities you will probably find a way to make some interesting returns ... a lot of the steemians i have met here started small what they refer to as plankton but have gone on to successfully understand How It Works we all grow :)) @darsico


Great men have a nice day and a great week

My hobbies are to sleep and watch TV!!

I don't have a new hobby.
I think same as usual lol

Yes, playing football

Commenting is my new hobby

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New hobby is reading @darisco posts

hm, the opposite i think ... i used to game on the daily still, even though i'm 45 and i'm supposed to act all 45 like watch tv , go braindead, go to the local soccer team on saturday to watch them get nowhere on a whole lof of tax money and socialize with the natives but

that doesn't work for me, not here

so since steemit and especially since this month actually less than i used to

maybe when it all gets a bit more automated but for now the more i try to the more extras and questions pop up lol, and then the social interaction required to sustain your presence a bit, its quite time-consuming

maybe i'll write a bot to game for me, then get sued like a 14 year old trying to cheat on fortnite lol


i hear ya my thumb might never be the same after Mario, but new research has proven that gameRs have higher IQ's and better a cognitive flow as compared to those who don't game so it's definitely an advantage to keep thinking.


makes sense unless you've been playing angry birds since birth lol ... its all problem-solving, planning and strategy plus eye-hand co-ordination on top ... my own hall of classic arcade machines is still on the list when i make my first billion on steemit lol ... but its early rise tomorrow, i'll get plenty to do the replies hope its a blast overthere :p blast some for me too hahah

I like your post because your post quality is very good.realy great post

Yap @darisco my hobby is playing football and watching tv. also i enjoy reading books.

Great great


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Thanks sir

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