Does your work always have value for you?

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Does your work always have value for you but receives critique from others?


This is a tricky question because value is in the eye of the beholder, and if they have sentiment or otherwise maybe informative people looking on from the outside i find tend to be very critical this is probably because their own work is so outstanding and great but just remember folks it's a one shot deal for the most of our posts will be read maybe one time probably by a bot again that's how things work now.

It would be very enlightening to know how many people actually read the post end to end and then combined with upvoted and commented information would provide a true value but being that transparent would probably cause other unforeseen problems in real life. The fact is every post we make is in some part a piece of our own imagination that we want to share however small or useless as it might seem. nice pictures of birds are wonderful (this is just a example)and google has millions yours and others that have been collected over that past 20 years or so .

And here's the value of a single Photo for all you useless brainiacs who think they have vision but are actually blind.

If you search Google images they show you are always on an external web site the point being that when that server removes those pictures they are gone period, But a photo if it is properly tagged will be in fact forever in the blockchain and always accessible in the future, even when all the images change on google the image will be available here.

All this to inform you that a simple photo can have as much lifelong value that a well written post and maybe more cause nobody's ever gonna talk about a dead coin or ever read about it but somebody might search google one day for pictures of Italy and that we might have.

Thank you @darsico


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This relates to the copyright problem


as long as you play fair and use your own pictures or follow a few simple rules of publishing this may help a list of guidelines to follow. if your not sure just ask yourself is it okay to make money from this picture cause if it belongs to someone else and you claim it as yours is just wrong.


VERY true @darsico! I couldn't agree more stronger with you. Thank you for the list of guidelines my Friend! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)


I strongly agree with you. :)


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the magic 8ball seems to agree lol, i put an upside down picture of "you can win a steembasicincome in a post once and no one reacted to it" but when i put it in text somewhere at the bottom it was taken right away /ponder ...

im not sure what you mean with the tagging, as far as i know imagery or audio is not stored in any block, only the text relating to it, so if it's removed on the server that stores it it will be gone anyway, unless im missing the point here.

As for the work :p

its only work if you HAVE to do it :)

if i just do something i could care less what someone thinks about it when i like it. Self expression or mind-overflow ... doesnt have to be "work"

i think work is highly overrated as it tends to be a means to make money for someone else in most cases.

the perfect vector algorithm to make photo-realistic images fit in as few bytes as possible ...
that's an idea there :)

actually, if i may edit/add , it just hit me as i hit the couch : that would finally be a use for a.i. (are you listening, larry, mark & elon ? lol) have it go through all the pictures on the serverfarms and try to analyze them into a minimal set of objects that can be raytraced back in real time, then compare it some kind of checksum how close it is to the original (maybe not something for present homecomputing power but moores law is probably not entirely dead, just in a slump, who knows what comes when quantum computing gets out of the labs and into the market), you could have a set of objects in an array that raytraces back to a photorealistic picture, wouldnt that be something for silicon valley elite ?)


oh they are far beyond that point long time ago time of dinosaurs OCR thats why captcha words are so easily by passed and now were on to using objects like click the fire hydrant so AI is now coming to us in many forms i9 could imagine typing a name a google search and it will find a image of that face by searching billion photo's from every link it has in it's mysql database :))


mysql hm ... id think google would have their own customized software for that by now :p ... i don't think i ever heard of a photo to 3d-raytracing dataset algorithm though, the point would be to re-create it fotorealistically but store the data as a minimal number of bytes, likes jpegs are compressed, but that's more like bitmap file zipped, i mean complete breakdown of everything in it, including the lighting and angles, i know they scan a foto to create a 3d model of it ... somewhat but i doubt it's accurate yet

like it takes of my face and scans that into a set of 3d coordinates and lightmaps, only stored in a way that the filesize is smaller to minimize network load, then push it through the cable server->client and let the browser render it client-side into an exact pixel-perfect match of the original lol, a lot of work to save a few bits, but on a billion transactions thats a few billion bits, seeing as i dont see network speed increasing for quite a while but data growing ever bigger i think smaller packets and filesizes will be crucial until that happens, i think network will be the bottleneck before cpu power is. It's not just an increasing number of people, its increasing numbers of data, as phones grow bigger and can handle more, i mean if you got a pc you can think about downloading a dvd image or something 8gb in size or like a steam game that's 60gb, thats not for phones yet, but that wont take long probably, so the network load will get bigger and bigger

thats why compression and rendering as much as possible on the clients side would help, thats what i tried to communicate there heheh,
i dont know how to exactly explain it in silicon vally lingo, i mean a bit like vector graphics but more advanced and 3d, like if you have a 1920x1080 bitmap of a square thats several kilobytes

but you could like

<square x,y,500red> (its a square after all, only needs one 

which is 20 bytes to send over the network and minimal time to render on any machine now, only it would be

<cube x,y, rotx,roty,rotz,500,red>
<light x,y, intensity/radius,white>

72bytes networkload and a pretty picture when rendered with realtime raytracing through webassembly on a quantum computer lol, break down pictures SO bad you can totally recreate them with a set of tags like that /headscratch, the programming is way beyond my braingrade, thats why an a.i. would be perfectly suited to figure it out, a.i.'s are glorified search algorithms after all :p

i'm so caught up here in my re-found hobby that i constantly forget to vote on rc ... that's a damn shame, at least 10 whopping cents a day go lost hahah

Thanks for sharing what is on your mind again my Friend. Another eye opening post. I strongly agree with you and the Rock. Sometimes I find myself not trying many things in fear of rejection from others. Forever in the blockchain. Very deep and so very true. I also strongly agree with @incrediblesnow that this relates to the copyright problem. Basically, everyday I try to spread the word regarding Cryptos, Blockchain, Steemit, etc and 9 out of 10 times People look at me so confused. So sad and frustrating. I sure hope that this changes sooner rather than later. I always look forward to, read and enjoy all of your posts from end to end. :) Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

Eye opening post bro

But sometimes if I do wrong I can say myself it is not useful.

yeah i totally agree. i have been putting some serious work into quite a few posts and get barely anything... and then i post a steepshot picture and get the exact same amount of votes. at this point ill just stick to steepshot and try to grab a following and keep socializing with my followers. at least ill follow you because you seem to have the same mindset... at least we are reading posts hahaha

Very useful for photo storing indeed. Some might argue that Instagram and Facebook are better.

I gor one prefer Google photos so i can keep my privacy.

The Public Google index will however always store your pics linked on a site or sever. Data will only be flushed out if the source is no longer available. Sites also have special tags yo help Google better categorise images and serve them with tge appropriate query. However yours might not always show first. Google works on a number of algorithms that check for relevance and freshness.

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Yes your work will always be a value for you even if it does not have value for others. Either you succeed or you learn.

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True talk! Picture like they say contains over a thousand meaning. So, a good photo pays more.

Why bother creating if you do not see value in it. Steemit promotes the idea that work appreciated by others will get a reward. However, success on this platform and other content sites comes from those who truely believe and care about the work they do. Audiences are very attuned to knowing if real grit and sweat has been put into a piece of work. This appreciation leads to more reward. If you see value, others will too (not everyone, but there'll always be a niche).

I had not seen it from that point of view, and you are absolutely right ... it is a good place to keep the photographs that have marked us the most, there will be in the block forever. Thanks for mentioning it, I will keep it in mind from now on! :)

@darsico we work alway but i have no value🤔🤔

total truth!

Yeah agree with you !!

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