Steemtopia donations - towards a better future, our future. Creating a community that is our own real life self-sustainable sharing and skills based steemit exchange/community on a beautiful parcel of land

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My proposal

We purchase land as a community of steemians, and build a (mostly) self-sustaining community, that is based off of a sharing environment, obviously the currency is skills, agricultural, carpentry, farming, animal, health, nunchuck skills, computer hacking skillz, currency is Steem/Bitcoin etc or the like + exchange.

I seriously think this is worth at least exploring, as the current 'situation' we all seem to find ourselves in, is not exactly what I, or what most of us would consider 'ideal'. Not by a long shot. What about you?

More info

How to support the dream, vision and idealogy of Steemtopia

Please show your support for Steemtopia with an upvote and/or, please donate here, all donations will go towards the building of this community. We have a lot of work to do. All use of funds created will be public and transparent, with voting systems in place, on how to best spend the money we raise.

You can use this snazzy little button below to donate to the #steemtopia project. Everyone that donates is instantly a member, but of course, anybody is welcome to join Steemtopia, and of course, there is no cost, but it would be helpful if you have some skills that you can bring to the table, in an effort to bring this project to life.

^Use this button to send @steemtopia a small SBD donation. Every single cent will be put to use via a democratic voting mechanism, using the blockchain to tally votes. Please help us kick things off so we can create our Steemtopia towards a brave new world, free of the confines of modern society and its shackles.

p.s All SD raised for Steemtopia, will be sent to @steemtopia, here is the treasury, from which we will raise issues that we will vote on, and make decisions on how to best use the money we raise. Naturally, every financial movement and decision will be a completely 100% democratic process, powered by voting on the blockchain. One person, one vote. Your vote will count.

p.p.s how cool is the donate SD button!? This is a tool from these fellas, learn more at:

Kind regards,

#steemit #philosophy #money #blockchain #travel

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Sorry, it is just that I am really so excited about the idea of #steemtopia

Thanks for the tip, I will be more mindful of this in the future.

Thank you!

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