Who's awake tonight?

in steemit •  9 months ago

Are you up? Is it early? Or late like here? The season is turning, it's definitely getting colder.

Crypto is all I think about. I don't want to sleep. There's too much to do and it seems my best inspiration comes at night.

I'm meeting up with a steemian tonight, first time I've met anyone off Steemit that I didn't already know first.


I haven't posted in over 19 hours. Trying to recharge my voting power is not easy when you're addicted to Steem power!

I've been working on my own token distribution called MPST, read all about it on my latest posts. Get some while you can, tell your friends, and help me reach 500 users before Christmas!


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Very professional website! You are a film actor, that is excellent!

Perhaps one day you can act in my films or theatre play.
I make movies and shows for stage! India is not so far away.