If You Dislike the STEEMIT-GREEN | 若是讨厌那片绿

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I really like the new interface of steemit, especially the green color for the fonts. So please don't flag this post if you dislike it or not.

If you really dislike the STEEMI-GREEN, however, you could simply switch it off. All the popular web browsers have such a option or plug-in or add-on. As an example, this post will tell you how to do it on Firefox.


1 Plug-in free

  1. Click the triple-bar button on the top-right, and click'Options'. Or simply press alt --- t --- o.
  2. Click 'Content' on the left bar, then click the 'Colors' button on the left.
  3. Change the link colors. Below the 'Override ...' text, choose 'Always'.


The new color style works not only for steemit, but also for all sites. You might feel bored when you are browsing other sites and you have to repeat Step 1 --- 3 to switch off your customized colors. Is there a single-click solution?

Yes, there is, only if you'd like to install an add-on.

2 'No Color' Add-on

Click the triple-bar button on the top-right, and find 'Add-ons'. Search 'No Color' add-on.

After installing it, you will see one more button on the toolbar. A single-click can switch the font colors between the site colors and your customized ones.

Is this the best solution?

No. There is a better one.

3 'NoSquint Plus' Add-on

After installing 'NoSquint Plus' add-on, you will see one more button on the toolbar. Click it, and you can set the colors. There is an option of 'Global settings' for all sites. If you only want to change the colors on steemit, cross the 'exclude site' option.

However, all the tricks above mean nothing to me, because I love the STEEMIT-GREEN! Really really.


你喜欢 steemit 的新界面吗?尤其是那一片绿……

如果不喜欢,本文告诉你如何方便快捷地更改。目前的主流浏览器都支持更改网页的默认颜色。本文就以 Firefox 为例,给出三种方法,任你选。

方法 1:点击 firefox 右上角三条小横线按钮,点击“选项” --- “内容” --- “颜色” ---“覆盖”下面选永远。


方法 2:在“选项”里点“插件”,搜索 “No Color”插件。安装完毕后,工具栏多出个按钮。点它,就可以一键在你定义的颜色跟网站原来的颜色之间切换了。

虽然切换方便,但是有没有办法不切换,自动把且仅把 steemit 颜色改了?

方法3:安装 'NoSquint Plus' 插件,工具栏又多个按钮。点它,设置颜色。“全局选项”可以选择对所有网站都改颜色。如果只对 steemit 改,那么把'排除‘'勾上就行了。



Well I don't dislike it man...

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