Why earning have decreased?

in steemit •  last year

I have realized that the earning here at steemit have decreased. Or maybe you people can help me get some attention to my content. Any help would be very appreciated. This can also help the newcomers. So please view my content and leave your precious reviews in the comment section below. Thanks Danu

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Welcome to steemit

Welcome to family :)

Nice, a new Steemian, more or less ^^ Hello Danuahmed I hope you have fun at this place. don't hesitate to contact or follow me at any time :-) Greetings @chrisx

The price of steem has been going down which is why earnings decrease. You are still earning the same amount of steem so just wait for the price to go back

welcome @Danuahmed:) Glad to see more people like you - here joining steemit!! Becoming a steamian is a great adventure! Here you can win money while bloging! At the beginning it wouldn't be easy, but it isn't impossible. So just write from your heart and everything will be allright. ! Cheers! Wish you much luck! Greetings, @mekong !

Hello @danuahmed. Welcome to Steemit. I am David. I wish you have a happy journey here.

i am trying myself

Nice to meet you @Danuahmed ! Welcome to the steemit community ! Take care, @digital-gypsy

good luck

Welcome to Steemit @danuahmed!
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Steem is begining to go up , so earning might go up again .

Welcome and Thank You for being with us!! Following your Blog now

Hello !I am @minnowhelp, nice to meet you @Danuahmed,
I do track some @booster upvote runs and try to figure out, if this booster upvote really giving a value.
With this upvotes you can earn some money here, if they provide a value. That's what I am testing for new Steemians !

Im my session#1 I tracked amongs I tracked amongst other users the upvote boost of @ragnartheking, he boosted his post value to $19.37 , which was $13.22 more than before the booster upvote !
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Welcome to Steemit @Danuahmed !

Welcome to Steem @danuahmed I have upvoted and sent you a tip