Help Produce my upcoming mini-documentry at the Denver International airport..

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What's up guys & gals'

Attn: to all my beautiful steamians, I am here in Denver Colorado, visiting some friends at the #Liberty_Lodge. While I am here I would like to work on an Investagative Journalism project on the Denver International airport. There are many conspiracy theories and hear-say articles online surrounding the DIA. As an investagative journalist and researcher I feel compeled to do a bit of an investigation while I am here in town.

Sadly I do not quite have enough resources to put together an investagative project up to the standards that I know many of my followers would like to see. That is why I am reaching out to influencers and entrepreneurs within the STEEMIT crypto-space. If I can raise just an additional 50-100$ in crypo it would go a very long way in handeling some of the transportaion cost which are a barrior to this projects completion. I have the equiptment, the know-how, and the time to edit and voice over the footage, I just do not have the resources to taxi around to some of the key locations which I would like to investagate.

If you are interested in sponsoring this project using Steem, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Steem dollars, I will make sure to credit you or your prefered company and relase the project exclusivly on a block-chain backed platform with production credits going to you.

You can contribute through several block-chain backed mediums.

BTC - Address - 32PQc7ZoWqrdvp9Lzw3rsmPRRSEDwCc2zP
Ethereum/minds Mainnet wallet - 0x3c6E3AB73d97474733A1307de618f34F10B9c41d

and of course you can send me steem or steem dollars here on steemit @DannyQuest

Some of the things I hope to cover..

, the artist responsible for the murals was reported as saying that he was paid $100,000 US Dollars and given specific guidelines to follow for each mural, however he later retracted this statement and refused to answer any questions on possible hidden meanings in his work. Although as anyone with an interest in conspiracy theories will tell you, each mural is full of terrifying, prophetic messages and occult symbolism and imagery.

he fourth and final mural (above) appears to depict a great rebirth in the world after the suffering and death of the previous murals. All the characters, who again seem to be of all different backgrounds, are all huddling round the centre piece of the image which appears to be some sort of plant. The main character in the painting is a girl who appears to have a halo of sorts around her head, although it is difficult to tell exactly what this halo is made from. Continuing the rebirth theme, the bird in the centre of the picture flying proudly appears to be one of the birds from the very first mural who appeared to be extinct or at least endangered within a glass box. The bird is now free of this glass box and has the freedom to fly.

The detail in these murals really is something to behold and no matter what you believe about symbolism, occult imagery, Masonic imagery etc, it is hard to argue that there is no message here.

So, that’s the horse and the murals out of the way and if that,s all there was to talk about it would be strange enough but it gets weirder. Much weirder…

The runway shaped like a Swastika:

The floor:

The section of the floor that runs from one end of The Great Hall (This is also a term that Masons use to describe their meeting hall) to the other is covered in massive disks, as can be seen in the picture. Inside the biggest disk there two smaller disks, one of these looks like the Sun and the other is a black disk that is going across the Sun and appears to be going to eclipse it.

The Masonic Capstone:

The underground bases:
During construction of the airport it was estimated that 110 million cubic yards of earth were removed from the site. This is supposedly far more than is normally required for a major airport, leading some to suggest that there was a lot of work taking place underneath the airport. The underground aspect may not seem strange on its own considering for example the likes of Heathrow Airport has its own tube system. But in the case of DIA, it is believed that the majority of the tunnels underneath the vast area owned by DIA are not even in use, despite being large enough for trucks to drive around in them and because of the amount of different contractors that were hired for various parts of the airport and who were fired after they were finished with their section prompted some people to believe that this was to safeguard the actual full scope of the project. Unfortunately there are no pictures of the underground bases. It would seem that they want that part to remain a secret.

And last but not least…


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