How to Become Big on Steemit - Whale - get points up

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So if you look at the top earnings, a few of them that don't post that much are doing something sneaky. Have a look at the curation rewards and you can see some profiles never sleep and how do I know this?

Well the curation history shows they are always voting. So from my analysis I can see the only possibility to never sleeping is writing a bot or automation program. So if you want to write one, then you can use something like beautiful soup pakage from python.

However how do you know what post to vote on? Well thats easy just look at trending and vote away. A new account should be able to collect about .02 steem power a day.. thats like 0.6 a month. and then it compounds. The but here is you must not over vote or you depower yourself.. The magic number is no more then 20 votes a day.

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My next article will be about how to make 100 steem a week on a new account.


Great information! ☆☆☆☆☆😎

So basically the more I vote, as long as I don't pass the 20 times mark, the more money I get when someone likes my post?

I don't think your 20 votes a day is right. I thought you could vote as long as you had "Voting power" and 20 votes a day doesn't even make a dent in your voting power.

They are earning good curation rewards because they huge SP resulting from investments of real money.

You have new follower. :) Upvoted.

Cool,thanks. Upvoted and following.