Helping To Grow The Steemit Economy: Inspirational Plaque To Hang In The Home

in #steemit5 years ago

In the spirit of increasing steemits value, I offer steemit insperational Plaques to hang around the home.

The plaques are 3D printed using a creality 3D printer, They are made from PLA. I designed the plaque in XYZ maker, Then hand painted using satin white, sky blue and Clear blue for the steemit sign.

Design: 1 hour

Print: 4 hours

Paint: 1 hour

This plaque was printed using green thermocromic filament, Which causes the PLA to change colour when it is effected by heat. When it is compleatly cool it will be dark green as the top picture shows and when effected by heat it slowly changes to bright yellow.
Pro tip: Hang this plaque above a heat source to instantly know if your heat source is on or off :)

Available to purchase for steem at


Nice work! 3D printers are definitely becoming more mainstream and are being used more and more by individuals as hobbies. We have a couple of them where I work that we use to make prototypes of parts for testing purposes as it's faster than traditional machining methods in many cases.

hey crypto keeper, in a few years they will be as common as normal printer today me thinks? :)

Nice! Do you color the designs too?

the printer only prints in 1 colour at at time so painting is needed :)

Oh okay! That's still really pretty. Will you color them yourself?

fantastic work,,,.

This is appreciate your creativity work,
Thanks Mr. Daniel
Have a nice day

thanks goldcoin :)

Amazing work sir. good idea,
100% like and resteem

thank you stmit :)

Wow this is great! Yeah absolutely a brilliant design! Thanks for sharing friend!


did you get the coin guru? :)

Not yet friend! Don't know what happened! But one of my friend got it!


I like that design man i feel your passion and it's very inspirational see people like you sharing the time and materials to improve something in particular.

cheers dim :)

amigo #resteemia at your service

fantastic plaque. nice design @daniel82

'UpVoted ReSteemed Commented'

thanks again :)

That's an amazing work sir, keep it up. I salute you.

thank you i will try :)

Hey @daniel82
Nice and cool post...
Wel done my dear friend...

thank you :)

@daniel82 - It's a beautiful plaque Sir <3 Love it Sir & nice you decided to share it <3

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

You were right dear

Steemit Walk of Fame?!? Make sure @bitdollar gets his spot. :D

Shine right like a diamond ; )

got that song stuck in my head now :)

hahah :D

This is sooo cool!😲👍 amazing i want 3d printer 😂

you should get one i recommend the davinci mini to learn with :)

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